Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_merchant_of_venice, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. I heard a rumour somewhere that bounty is to be tripled? any thoughts or other info on this? so hence nearly £6k tax free after five years?
  2. more like after 5 tours!
  3. As long as you don't forget to buy your (S)PSI a drink, with it.
  4. hahahahahaha.

    Is this a wah?
  5. Here's an idea...

    The bounty concept is retired and the money used to pay anyone 'improving' themselves a larger-than-bounty lump sum, ie passing CIC or getting promoted. Officers woudl not qualify for this scheme because they're well motivated anyway.

    The net effect is that a TA soldier could make a lot of money in the first few years and this would aid retention by getting them over the 18 month hurdle and thus more likely to stay in.

    Do you think that this would work?

    In your own time, GO ON!

    [Sticky dives to the floor of the fire trench and makes like a hedgehog]
  6. to get your bounty you have to pass your ITD's.
    is that right?
  7. To get your bounty you must do 27 days, 14 of which must be an annual camp or course in leu(sp).

    You must attempt your ITD's not actually pass them. To be "fit for role", you need to pass the important ones:- APWT, CFT, ect,ect.
    To be honest, if you don't pass them then something is wrong, personal pride should push you enough.

    Just to go off thread here, does anyone know if you qualify for your ITD's if you attended a Junior commanders course?
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Did you do them on the course?

  9. Well, sort of. We covered first aid stuff, weapons, NBC the usual stuff you get on these courses. The thing is, they were a completely different format to my units ITD's.
  10. cheers for that.
    how long is the CFT again?
  11. Is this a WAH? OK, I'll bite, 4 miles in 58 mins.
  12. *WAH* :lol:

    (You forgot your ^ WAH hat)

    Can't wait for the extension, that'll weed out those who need to swallow a few more effort pills!!!
  13. ^At least when you do the 8 miler, you actually feel as though you achieved something by the end of it.
  14. 6 miles next year, then the full 8 if soldiers can do it?We can only dream of such a world,could be on the cards though. Be good 'cause as you say it feels like you've done something slightly more challenging than walking back from Tesco's with a couple of bags of shopping :D
  15. Spot on Frenchie, my unit better get a bigger biff wagon to follow us round. :lol: