Is this a wah?

'cos it's shite if it is.
It's not been paid in April since JPA kicked in, it's due in on the 2nd of May along with Aprils pay run so long as your unit has done their part, this question has been asked every year. FFS don't people use the search function or even trawl through the previous threads looking.
Has anyone been paid their bounty yet? I assume, as it hasn't been paid in April's pay, its gonna be put in May's pay.
fecking polo mint! need it NOW!!
You must be a newly minted STAB as the bounty is not paid until the beginning of May and this has been the norm for the past few years.


I heard that if you buy the coy clerk a jar of decent coffee she will give it to you in cash from the petty cash box.
Anyone know when were going to see MTP in the TA, or what colour of boots we're supposed to wear with it?
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