Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mongoose, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. I am very upset by the lack of bounty threads this year. After 6 years of JPA have we all finally worked it out?
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  2. It will turn up at some random point or it wont.
  3. So when do we get it? Apr or May?

    (yes, a wah)
  4. Read regs and couldn't find anything on missing a year . So experts , if you miss a year , what happens ?
  5. Nothing. You don't get it for the year you missed and pick up where you left off next year.
  6. Mongoose, you're a fcuking tease. My heart leapt for a moment there...
  7. You know, being the funny sort I am, a few years ago I used a blank JPA operational bulletin to create a bulletin announcing the end of the bounty due to savings measures. That stopped a few hearts for sure.
  8. Cruel, but where are these wonderful threads regarding which day/month, my (units) admin is shit, I need an extension, I've twisted a sock etc? I love the wailing, gnashing of teeth and angst that precedes bounty...

    Does the search function work better these days?
  9. It usually depends on when you get your CO's Certificate of Efficiency sent off to APC Glasgow.
    I completed the last MATT I needed at the beginning of this month, so will most likely getting mine at the beginning of May.

    Has anyone decided how they're going to spend it? Or, is everyone being sensible with it?
  10. Either that is a fiendishly clever double Wah or you have missed the part in Quiller's post (that you have quoted) where he states "yes, a wah".

    I'm confused and bored in equal measure.
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  11. **** me I hope that this is a wah, you do know the MOD actually allows units to do crazy things these days such as entering COE's onto JPA?! It doesn't get sent anywhere, except the filing cabinet!
  12. Send/enter/submit same difference, its entered by your unit and payments are processed by Glasgow.
  13. Well, processed by a computer system that may be located in Glasgow (although I'm not sure they actually are), they have no personal input into the process. The good old days of people personally inputting stuff etc in APC are long gone, they could move the whole JPAC down south and it wouldn't make a difference in reality. I'm not having a dig or anything, but it doesn't happen that way anymore in reality.
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