Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Svinski, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. Finished all my recruit training. Weekends and 2 week jolly. Does that qualify me for bounty??
  2. Yes it does...........................................
  3. Provided you have passed your MATTs (PFA and AFT are not covered in recruit training).
  4. After two more weeks you will qualify for a Twix.
  5. Are you sure about that? I finished my training in October and was told I was bounty qualified. I'll be very disappointed if I'm not, as I've missed my last chance to do a CFT with my unit now.
  6. JD150 knows of what he speaks, it's one of those things he does and you'll pick up on those who know and who spout crap. Who told you that you were bounty qualified? If it was you're unit...well it's the CO who signs you off as efficient and they (your unit) have to justify it to him/her.
  7. There's a giant board next to the admin office, with what people still need to qualify for bounty on it. Mine just has CMSR under every heading and YES under bounty qualified.
  8. I wouldn't worry about it then
  9. Only if you can play a bugle crow bag
  10. Cheers for the ....... Helpful comments
  11. Sounds like a bit of low level fraud to me. Have you done a 6 mile march carrying the appropriate CEG weight since 01
    Apr 10? If not ask why they have you down as having passed it (or don't and hope they put through your bounty at the end of the month).
  12. ...or just unit ignorance of what is actually covered on the CMS(TA)09 syllabus.
  13. My money is on the latter
  14. We had similar questions brought up at a recent drill night. Seemed to depend where you did your CMSR... We had guys who's had done their 2 weeks in one place and paperwork said all ok, yet we had others do their 2 weeks somewhere else and their paperwork said MATTs 2 and 3 weren't covered in the training. Maybe worth a check with your PSAO as we had a board saying 'CMSR' against names too, even though some were covered and some weren't.

    Edited for being a mong and hitting the post button to soon....
  15. Actually all training providers deliver the same CMS(TA)09 course so it doesn't make a difference where you did it. It may however make a difference WHEN you did it as the course does get amended (e.g. MATT 9 is now covered).

    Unfortunately the course reports from some of the training establishments are as clear as mud when it comes to informing units what competences have been achieved on completion of the course.