Bounty (yet again!)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Vally_Commando, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Right then gents.........
    is anyone still awaiting their annual bounty? I am an starting to get pretty chuffed off about it. Got it last year (and the year before that) on time. 25th today so in my eyes its late! (But then again the Army never f**ks up, does it?)
  2. Maybe it will be like mine two years; nothing for three months and them I got two bounties! 8O Bonus!!
    Wrote to my RAO and thanked him, but declined the 2nd bounty because although I was worth it, it didn't seem right somehow.
    Glasgow maintain that it is impossible for someone to get 2 bounties the same year, but I'm not the only from my mob that got two.
    Longest I have waited was about 4 months, for no good reason that I was ever made aware of.
  3. ok cheers mate, guess i shouldn't hold me breath! off now to scream at the misses for blowing the bounty that was never there!
  4. not got mine as well mate it can't be Glasgow c**king up could it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Didn't get mine till November last year, No one in my unit has this years yet apparently.

    It aint so bad its still April
  6. Bouties? I haven't even been payed for last fcuking month yet!

    Bunch of wnaks...
  7. no bounty, though others in battery have, so hope springs.......
  8. thats the thing that got me stumped, there only myself on afew others that havent got it yet.
    why have some had it and others not. ever since i've been in (and that seems like 150 yearss ago!) every one in the bty got it the same time. would do the job without a friggin bounty but seeing as they offer it why don't they give it on time! chuffin pay clerks!
  9. Okay then; did you get all your days in in good time? When was the CO's Certificate of Efficiency published (more importantly, when did it show up on your pay statement?).
  10. Went in today :lol: Lucky as lose my job on Friday.
  11. I'm still awaiting my bounty and my pay from 3 months ago and my expenses from before christmas.

    I am a most displeased rabbit.
  12. When you get your boutny paid into the bank depends entirely on when you actually qualified for it. As I am givento understand the earlier in the year you quqalify then the earlier it goes in the bank. have been told by a pay wahla friend theat in some cases those who only qualified in march may not receive theirs until mid june. mines in and spent allready
  13. Check this out......... last year I got it in July ! No duff
  14. Got mine on the 12th - although I haven't got last months pay yet, but did get last months travel claim.
  15. Untrue, I had more than enough days but didn't qualify for all my ITD's until about 2 weeks before the deadline (final ITD sweep up). My delightful CO provided me with one of his certs of effic in early April and Bounty arrived in bank during the second week of April, no grounds to grumble there. I would expect a lot of it is down to either your squadron's or HQ's admin and not much else.