Bounty to be increased by 200%

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by theblindking, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. Not really.

    It's been well dull in here recently. 5A seems to have gone on an extended holiday to Mykanos to get some quality man-love in, we have more threads than we know what to do with about how shit and insulting the recruiting campaign is, FR20 has been done to death and no-one is whinging about the bounty. So in order to rectify this sorry state of affairs I am opening up a competition for the best potential thread. The Criteria are:
    - It should just avoid being suitable for the NAAFI (not neccessarily in content, but in being STAB specific)
    - It should draw as many STAB baiters out of the wood work as possible.
    - The more (apparently) sincere the better.

    Prize to be decided but probably alchoholic.

    In your own time - Go on.
  2. You ****. Is it bad I believed this for a split second when I read the title?...
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  3. about TA Bounty to start at £500 then go up by £100 per year, every year up to a max of £2000 - Tax Free of course.
  4. Research reveals TA soldiers 'more efficient at combat duties' than regulars
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  5. When do we get paid this month?
  6. JD takes an early lead.
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  7. Ich auch. I even allowed myself to think, ah this will make a more professional force as the wars die down...then the page loaded.
  8. Ginsters pulls British Army Sponsorship selecting Territorial Army instead as 'the future of pies'
  9. Exposed...The truth behind the Territorial Army's recruits real 1.5m run times.

    "I had a taxi pick me up at the mile point admits one lazy fooker"
  10. BBC Matt Allwright - Rogue Soldiers - The TA - Fighting force - or fighting farce - you be the judge
  11. The TA shows the Regular Army how to master Dii and JPA.

    I bet that'd draw them in.
  13. If you 'REALLY' want to learn how to windsurf...join the TA

    Disclaimer " your asshole may be at risk if you join the TA and are asked to deploy. You may at times be able to claim an excessive food allowance and have your clothes dry cleaned. By accepting the joining instructions you accept that you will be hopelessly undertrained and be a liablilty to regular soldiers, you further accept that every regular will treat you as a **** and that the only way you will receive any recognition is to join the ACF as an officer.
  14. New force structure proposed by Govt think tank.
    Regular Army to be downsized to a single rapid reaction light role intervention Bde. All "Conventional" heavy end war-fighting and follow on capability to be moved to Reserve status. Resultant cost saving allows a 3-fold increase in the size of force available at full mobilisation. ....not very catchy is it. ;-(
  15. 1 week Adventure training now a bounty requirement. MoD to pay firms for TA soldiers to take an extra week paid holiday. ATIs to do a four week summer camp at tax payers burden.

    Further cuts to regular forces to be announced in order to offset cost.