Bounty Time (or is it)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fatcakes, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. Hi Guys. Due to the very random dates on which I got my bounty over the past few years i'd be interested to see when others get them.

    2001 - 31st March
    2002 - 11th April
    2003 - 25th April
    2004 - 22nd April

    Is there any reason for such wildly varying dates?? Any ideas? Who ever processed it in 2001 good work fella for the 2003\04 get ya finger out!!!!

    Shout out when you get yours..
  2. Got mine in June last year, glasgow too busy with copies of heat mag and doughnuts.

    Sort of on thread, what are the bounty tests and which ones are compulsory pass, or just attempts?

    I know of:
    15 Days in camp
    12 days out
    First Aid
  3. Normally I've only been paid late when I qualified late on, my Feb 2005 pay statement had Efficiency Cert = Yes.
    So I'm expecting it within the next few days.
  4. We had to pass three and attempt the other two of

    NBC or whatever they call it now

    and attend

    Trying to be good made sure I was FFR'd by June last year just had to put the days in after that.

    I'm sure three of the above have to be done by all and then the CO can pick two others from the list?????
  5. We had to all the test inc vids
  6. Quality, in that case, if the bottle of scotch I slipped the PSAO is enough, I should get paid.
  7. This has been discussed before...

    The ITD Manual states that all ITDs 1-12 should be attended with passes in 1 and 2, except for High Readiness Reserve who should pass 1-5. Note that unless on HRR the ITD 1 requirement is only to shoot AOSP Stage 1, not a full APWT.
  8. I've found that the dates vary mainly because your eligibility may not be up to date on the day that the CO reviews them.

    I have found in the past that the CO approves them in tranches throughout the year. He/She will only approve the first batch if all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. These ones will get their bounty in the first couple of payment runs in early April

    They then look at the remainder to see what needs to be done. In my case, for example, i had qualified on everything on the first tranche, EXCEPT, as i did a slightly reduced camp this year for personnal reasons, I had to sign a form with reasons etc. which then had to be counter-signed by an authorising officer to approve it. As the form had not been submitted, it was left to the second tranche, and put into order.

    I therefore guess that my CO's Efficiency cert will be in place by now, but I will join the group of later payment runs in mid-April.

    You then have the third category who need to extend their training year to get either sufficient days (those on Telic still had to do extra days to qulify!) or try for the umpteenth time to hit the arrse of a cow with a banjo on the ranges. These will then be certified at the CO's leisure.

    The fourth category is.....sorry Gnr Fcukwitt, you really are only good for lumping shells from one place to another, you can't shoot, you wear your S10 on your arrse, and the tourniquet around the CO's neck wasn't from the book, therefore you have just missed out on £1500 quid again. Just joking son, here, have lots of money even if you have neither the commitment nor ability to be in this army. It'll arrive in your bank at about the same time as the brown envelope comes through your door to send you on a 6 month sunny holiday.

  9. Mine hasn't arrived yet but I remember it being late before when Apr 1st followed Easter.