Bounty sniping

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by frenchie, Nov 14, 2010.

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  1. Whilst going through the obvious anecdotes that are told on Remembrance Sunday after a few beers I mentioned the 'Battlefield tour' I did in Sarajevo. One thing I take from that was when at Tito's monument being told the story of bounty hunter's paying $ to turn up and snipe civilians. Now was there any truth in this tale and if there was can these people be hunted down?
  2. Can I help hunt them down? I'll pay, if necessary.
  3. I doubt you could hit a figure 11 let alone a moving target, so no.
  4. It's quite funny that 'Remembrance festival' aside the top threads are about some twat not getting 'mucker requests' yet a gen Mil based question remains unanswered.
  5. Outrageous !
  6. Certainly a rumour I heard - That the Croats and Serbs were charging rich Germans who would drive down for a weekend "stalk".
  7. I'll have you know I've never scored less than 51.
  8. It's the rumour that was banded around for me, not just wealthy Germans though. Surely these 'c'unts should be brought to justice. If it happened?
  9. Brew. Spat. Floor. Bastard.
  10. just not going to happen. They can't get a grip on the headsheds so some faceless bods not gonna be sweating.
  11. Grow up. It was a genuine question that people that have lived through this shit told me, I am now questioning it. However if you haven't been told don't chip in.
  12. On rag are we love?

    I was responding to vertical's joke to JP. So shut up you touchy sod.
  13. On 11/11 I am touchy.

    It wasn't the finest of jokes , perhaps to subtle for me.