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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by McStab, May 5, 2010.

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  1. The bounty rates are shown on the Army's website as "first year £x, second year £y" etc. What is meant by "first year"? Is it the first year in the TA or the first year that you qualify for bounty?

    I've been in the TA for a few years and so far I've never qualified for my bounty (mainly due to work commitments - I've done loads of weekends but getting time off for camp has always been a problem). However, this shouldn't be a problem from now on. If I qualify for bounty at the end of this year what rate would I get?

  2. the first one

    youll get the first bounty that you qualify for - the £350 one (or whatever it is!)
  3. 1st year qualified for your bounty!

    It’s a training bounty to say well done for completing all your training!

    Your CO can give you a reduced camp of 9 days if work is that much of a problem, to allow you to qualify
    assuming you complete the full 27days

  4. Training Bounty (as of April 2009)
    Higher training obligations for officers and soldiers
    1st Year £416.00
    2nd Year £916.00
    3rd and 4th Year £1,415.00
    5th and subsequent years £1,641.00
  5. Its gone up slightly since those figures were published, my third year bounty thats just been paid was £1443.00
  6. Yes - those are the pay year 2009-10 figures but as we get our bounty in pay year 2010-11 we get the rates announced in Apr - I quote from myself in the "Bounty in May" thread:

    Quote is carefully edited to make me look like less of a pillock for thinking I'd been overpaid before checking the rules!
  7. You must have qualified for at least one bounty, Your P2 training counts as annual camp. You cant get a bounty till you are a trained soldier. or am I being a mong
  8. your basic training weekends 1-6 (or 9) and CMS(R) (CIC) or 2 week camp all complete in the same year will count towards your first bounty,
  9. this can cause a drama if the P1 weekends 1-9 are before April and your CIC is after, some at our unit fell into this trap and failed to get the 1st year bounty in the 1st year, (CIC started in March and finished in April) they were told they would get it this year and low and behold told this year they hadnt qualified as they had failed to attend annual camp. Took the intervention of people who wont be fobbed off to get them their bounty this year.
  10. Bad admin on somebody's part - they should have been told that they can get an extension to the nominal training year from the CO until the end of Apr and, possibly, from Bde until end June. For just this sort of reason.
  11. I cant describe the bad admin in our unit. The problem was there was no one there at the time who knew the score. The PSI was new(ish) and the old sweats were on tour.
    Its cost them because this year they should have had a 2nd year bounty and so on all down the line. Its like the powers that be want to jack people off so they leave.
  12. Hi there (first post), I was wondering if anyone could help enlighten me: I have searched previous threads and the FAQ and want to know if years served within the UOTC part of the TA count towards your TA bounty?

    e.g. If someone had served 3 years in the UOTC qualifying for their bounty and then transferred to the local TA unit, would they be on for a year 4 TA bounty?

  13. Nope. Sorry. JSP754, 04.0507 footnote:

  14. Thank you.
  15. The reason being that UOTC are not trained to deployable standards, which is required for the TA to qualify for there’s.
    but you did get your UOTC bounty whilst in for having fun, so not all bad.