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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by siggy, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. Do specialist t.a. soldiers doing 19 days a year get the same bounty as independent t.a soldiers doing 27 days, if they do the bear minimum for bounty eligibility.
  2. No, I think they get the plain chocolate one. It is in a red and white wrapper.
  3. i wouldnt give up 19 days a year for dark choclate, i feking ate the stuff
  4. yes-makes you wonder why they give up a night a week really
  5. Yes. The bounty isn't for what you do, it's for what you commit yourself to doing and achieving the standard required for this.

    The training commitment varies but the call-out commitment and required standard are the same for Specialist and Independent.

    (19 days a year? - I've done "fortnight camps" longer than that!)
  6. Isnt a fortnight 14 days? or do i sense "sarcasm" in the air?

    The info confusing me is on this site, and paper work sent to me.
    group a higher commitment ??
    group a lower commitment ??

    I fully intend on doing much more than 27 days a year, just wanted to make sense of the information given to me regarding the bounty.

    Call out commitment? is this max time spent on ops/tours?
  7. Is that an official site?
  8. The longer camps have either been due to RAF (or RAF charter) aircraft breaking down or some bloody fool starting a war in FRY while a TA unit is at camp in Cyprus (wot, no planes?).

    That's aside from camps with extra days tacked on to fit in with RAF schedules.

    The site you linked to is hopelessly out of date. Even though the site is dotted with "2006," some of the info there was out of date in 2005.

    Rather than go through the errors, compounding them, get your info from - take some of the info there with a pinch of salt as updates have been known to take a few months to be applied. But then, it's a big organisation to get to grips with and there's not a great deal of funding for webmasters.
  9. i think so, mirrors what i was sent in the post. exept figures vary a bit.