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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wg100, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. Is the PFT still only an attempt for bounty purposes? Have pulled muscles in my rotator cuff meaning no push ups and no lifting heavy weights for at least another two months. Have a previous PFT attempt this training year where I had some issues with the run.
    Would that count for bounty this year?
    Or do I need to hope for another PFT to be scheduled late March?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    You have to pass one per year.
  3. Still no pass required for bounty - just for personal pride!

  4. You don't have to hope one's arranged, you could always speak to one of your units PTI's and arrange to meet outside of a parade night to complete one, then get them to sign you off?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    No, sorry:

    7. MATT replaced ITD(A) on 1 Apr 06. A key change is that MATT standards must be passed. In MATT 2 (Fitness), there are 3 attainment levels for the TA:

    a. Level 1. This is the minimum standard for those warned for operational deployment and on High Readiness Reserve (HRR) engagements. Personnel are to attain this level before operational deployment, as do regular soldiers[2]. There is no exemption for age. It is tested during Pre-Deployment Training (PDT), so individuals must attain it before they are deployed. Thus, it is also the FFM requirement[3]. Fitness training beyond this minimum level should be expected and the more advanced Operational Fitness levels[4] should be used as a measure of Operational Fitness. The MATT 2 tests are:

    (1) Annual Fitness Test (AFT). A timed, loaded march of 8 miles, completed in 2 hours and passed annually[5].

    (2) Personal Fitness Assessment (PFA). To be passed at the satisfactory (Green) level biannually. The PFA should be used as a progressive stage towards AFT. There are no age exemptions.

    b. Level 2. Deployable personnel not warned for deployment. The majority of the TA is at this level; the FFA standard. The annual test requirement is one 6-mile Loaded March (LM)[6] and one PFA at a satisfactory (Green) level. The PFA should be used as a progressive stage towards AFT. Personnel over the age of 50 do not undertake the LM, they are therefore required to undertake 1 additional PFA in its place.

    c. Level 3. Level 3 is for personnel who are not in deployable posts[7]. The test requirement is to pass the PFA biannually[8]. There are no age exemptions.
  6. You need to read the full document - especially the part where it mentions gender free tests and monetary reward.

  7. Hello,

    Without wanting to hijack this thread but not needlessly create another can anyone help clarify what level bounty I can expect to receive?

    I discharged in July 2008 and rejoint in Sept 2009. Sadly I hadn't qualified for 2007/2008 bounty at point of discharge and due to the budget **** around never got the chance to qualify for 2009/2010 :(

    I've check JSP 754 on armynet but am still confused:

    04.0503. Bounties are paid to entitled individuals who complete a
    specified annual training requirement. If for any reason a bounty is withheld,
    in the following year an individual will be entitled to the bounty they would
    have received in the preceding year
    . For example, if a bounty is withheld in
    the first year, but the individual qualifies for a bounty in their second year, then
    the bounty will be payable at the year 1 rate. This will also apply in
    succeeding years so the year 2 rate will be payable in year 3 and so on.


    04.0507. Previous full-time service in any of HM Regular Forces, or service in any of the Reserve Forces in which the full training bounty has been earned by the completion of obligatory training1, may count towards qualifying service for the higher rates of bounty provided such service terminated less than 3 years before joining/re-joining any of the volunteer Reserve Forces

    Now the last bounty I received was year 6 so my understanding of the above is that as my service gap was less then 3 years then that's what I should get this year?? Can't see anything elsewhere on the doc that says anything to else to do with missed bounty years...

    Don't want to sound like a bounty hunter but getting married in June so would be a big comfort to know that I'll have £1600 odd to help cushion the financial blow just before!
  8. From what you have said you should be on the top whack, but this adjustment needs to be made to your bounty payment element on JPA as JPA will not automatically know to take your previous service into account! You also need to bear in mind you will only get the same percentage of bounty as full months you have been back in during the training year so if you re joined during Sep you will have served 6 full months so 6/12 = half a full bounty. It wouldn't be a bad idea to check that your rate of pay has been set correctly as well, again this needs manual intervention, ie your career manager (possibly RAWO) needs to assess it and send a form to SPVA.

  9. To the OP -

    I tore my Rotary cuff and managed to push out the required amount of press-ups. Its two minutes hard work, you can push out 44 press-ups in a minute and lie there in agony for the other minute, worth it for the bounty.

    Don't turn up and think 'I cant do it because of my shoulder' just turn up and think what your getting at the end of it for 60 - 120 second work.
  10. Check the very latest MATTS as they have just changed again according to a DIN I read today. I didn't read the MATTs as I'm a biff.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Can you quote the relevant section?

  12. Cheers for the reply. Yea my pay is fine, took nearly a year to get right but got all the back pay :) I'll make sure to raise it with my unit then to check the bounty but if the pay is right then that's got to be a good sign. I rejoined Sept '09 so have served the whole training year for 2010, 2011!
  13. Really? Worth risking permanent damage to your body that could affect your regular job? I would recommend following the earlier suggestion and arranging a 'personal' PFT with your PTI once you're healed.
  14. Your link - second document down - not covering letter actual policy, para 9:

    9. The rules governing the award of bounty are fully explained in the relevant documentation, however in order to re-enforce the physical aspects of the bounty earning criteria and to eradicate the possibility of confusion, the policy is as follows:

    ‘The award of Bounty still requires a pass in all MATT subjects. However, this HQ, in conjunction with ITG, has investigated the status of the Personal Fitness Assessment (PFA) in MATT 2. As it is a gender-fair test, we have determined that it should not be used to select individuals for reward or advancement . We have thus removed a PFA pass as a Bounty requirement. This will enable the TA to focus its fitness training on Job related and Operational Fitness, as exemplified by the Annual Fitness Test (AFT), rather than just Personal Fitness. Our revised Bounty directive also retains the right of one-star commanders to waive individual MATT requirements in relation to Bounty earning, at their discretion’. However it must be noted that the PFA has to be attempted by all eligible personnel, in order to qualify for the bounty criteria .

  15. Agree. the day job requires me to have full range of movement to reach various switches and panels from my seat. If I can't do that, I can't do my job. Causing further injury to my shoulder isn't worth a bounty no matter which way you look at it. PFT when recovered will be the way to go.

    However, there is also that fact that I've attempted a PFT previously this training year, which according to the documentation linked by MSR means that purely for bounty qualification, I'm fine.