Bounty question - 2 weeks courses eligibility?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cavalier, May 11, 2006.

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  1. I've heard that you can miss Annual Camp and still qualify for next years bounty, either by "borrowing" from next years MTD's or by doing another course.

    If you're "borrowing" in to next years quota, does that mean you need to do two two-week courses in that year?

    And do you have to do two weeks consecutively, or can you go on two one-week courses?
  2. I've never heard of 'borrowing' from next year. You can extend your training year, by a month.

    Courses count for camp. You can break it up into 2 blocks to cover the 15 days. For example. I did a ten day camp and a 6 day course.

    Don't forget that you can do a short-camp 2 years in every five.
  3. you can do a camp in lieu , ie a two week trade training camp etc. But the rules governing how often you can do this are complicated.

    You must attend annual camp at least once in 3 years or is it 2 years?? i dunno, they keep changing it!!!!
  4. I've pretty much done 3 two week courses in the last Bounty year, could I use one of those to qualify for this years bounty?

    OR, if I were to do two one-week courses, would they count? I'm weighing up the options of which courses to do Vs Annual Camp but I don't want to get shafted for next year.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    No, you can't carry them over from last year's training year.

    The best person to speak to is your PSAO, who will be able to point out the advantages and disadvantages for your various courses of action.

  6. CO's discretion I believe. Trade courses count as do promotion courses.

    If the course is benificial to the unit then I would think it would cover a camp.
  7. Cheers all

    MSR: PSAO would only ask what courses and why, so I want to go to him with a detailed POA. But will see what he says.

  8. If one of those courses was in the last training year (as stated) but this calender year, then that can be used, but if it were down to me, you would have had to tell me that was your intent before you went off on the course. Permission granted before the event, not after. But if you have a good case give it a punt.
  9. I think the only thing that doesn't count is adventure training (but a couse to gain an AT qualification would!)

    However you must ensure that a course in lieu application is submitted and passed on through the chain of people, working full time in the TA centre for 2 weeks can also count but again it MUST be done with the prior approval of the chain below.

    You to Tp/Pn Comd
    Tp Comd to PSI
    PSI to OC
    OC to Trg Major
    Trg Major to CO

    All of whom have to approve the course at each stage.

    The deadline for applications is usually Dec 31 but this is often flexible however can result in delays to bounty payment.

    If you have filled in hte form and passed it on then you should check with your chain of command that approval has been given by the CO before you go on the course otherwise you may be wasting your bounty opportunity.

    Reference carrying it over, yes as stated above you can extend your training year by a month and technically it is possible to do a bounty qualifying course or period of in camp trg but this is really leaving it to the last minute and should be avoided if at all possible.

    However there are pitfalls in doing short camps or courses in lieu regularly as it has an impact on the qualification criteria for gongs such as VRSM or TD/TAEM if you fit the age bracket.

    It also forces you to do a full camp the following year so don't rely on being able to blag 8 days cleaning out the map store/library every year!!!


    As with SO many threads in the TA forum I am getting really scared at the lack of information out there, I hope you just didn't have the gumption to think about this and get it sorted long ago, I also hope you didn't think to ask your Tp Comd. This is not a personal attack on you but the result of both of these answers being no is that there is a serious problem with your career management and a failing in your chain of command. I (and all my fellow officers in my unit thankfully) would be hounding one of our soldiers who had not submitted an application by last October. Anything else is a massive failing in our duty of care.

  10. msr

    msr LE

    IIRC camp has to be done away from your TAC... Sadly I cannot access the AEL on armynet to check TA Regs.

  11. But you can do training in the TAC which lasts for two weeks, in place of camp. For example: Start Standards, inspections, etc.
  12. Humph, I think you misunderstood....I've already passed last years Bounty (received and spent last month). My enquiry is about using courses to fill next years quota.

    Rumour has it, I can skip it this September as long as I make up the time next year (like an overdraft).

    We're only just in to this years bounty year, so didn't know my plans for this year, last October?
  13. This doesn't affect me, but someone else. Is this true? Can anyone find out what the regs are for how often you actually have to attend your companys camp?

  14. msr

    msr LE


    The training year runs April to April, so if you mean this year - say so!

  15. Sorry, thought that was clear enough?? But, to clarify, I'm on about this BOUNTY year April 2006 - April 2007.

    But, it's a generic query as I've heard people saying different things anyway, and it would help them also.