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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hairyhaw, Jun 8, 2004.

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  1. Help needed from old sweats please. If I sound daft-humour me :wink:
    I have just completed my first year and got all my ticks in the allotted boxes.
    My pay statement for the end of March says Days in Camp 15, Days out of camp 17, Quarter days 1.
    Before I checked this statement, I was told (when asking where my bounty was) by the Sgt who handles admin matters of this sort in my unit that I didn't qualify for my first bounty as I was "three days short".
    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it 28 days? If it is, is my statement not saying that I qualify? :?
  2. Are you ex reg?
  3. I did here a rumour that bounty was now scrapped for peoples' first year - so you start on year 1 bounty in your second year. Don't know if thats true or not.
  4. Nope, walked stright in off civvie street.
  5. From the amount of training you've recieved your not a trained soldier - so not bounbty or you joined around Dec 2003 - so no bounty.
  6. joined Jan '03 and only training I have not done is my trade (think punching clouds) but I'm not aware of that being a bar to bounty entitlement.
  7. If you joined in Jan 03 then you have completed your first year. i think I am correct in saying that for the first year the qualification days required is more than that for all subsequent years, may be as much as 35 days training.

    In this case your admin Sgt would be correct. Speak to your PSAO who should be able to show you documentary proof that this is the case.

    Sorry! Not what you wanted to hear.
  8. 17 days out of camp..

    How did you manage so few dates and complete your recruit training?

    So at least 8 of these days would be recruit weekends, leaving 9 - Could that be every drill night for 9 months ?????
  9. Recruits in their first year must complete 31 days (as stated further up the thread) - that is still a definite current requirement. Someone in your unit should have mentioned this when you joined - we certainly tell everyone!

    With us it works out to six training weekends (three before and three after the two week CMS(R) course) @ 13.5 days, 1 CMS(R) course @ 15 days and 10 drill nights @ 0.25 days each.
  10. not going to help recruiting isn't it ? :roll:
  11. Cheers for all the responses gents.

    Let's just say that aside from the TA I've had a whoore of a busy year.

    My training consisted of the two TAFS weekends, CMS(R) with the range package included, NBC weekend, First Aid/Map Reading weekend.

    Our BRTT has apparently dumped the character building weekend and rifle drill component.
    There's also the three range weekends but because the APWT etc was incorporated into my CMS(R) I wasn't required to do them. Also, no CIC as I am non-inf.

    So I take it, and this is assuming that 31 days is still the first year requirement, on my 32 days I'm essentially qualified?
  12. I did all my commit for the year and did 6 month deployment and still havent been paid my bounty cos of admin failure :lol: .so even if you qualify for bounty dont hold your breathe for it
  13. Had several guys in my unit in this position. The PSAO has put in a lot of work and currently there is only 1 left who has let to receive bounty.

    Ridiculous state of affairs!! :evil: