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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BigGSheff, May 11, 2010.

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  1. Can anybody tell me what the regulations are with regard to leave after deployment counting as camp?

    And before anyone starts, I have spoken to SPSI and PSAO.

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    It's leave. Next question. mar
  3. What a marvelous explaination, thank you so much!
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  5. My entire deployment spanned over 2 training years, my last day of service being 1 May.

    So, can my being on leave for 1 month of the new training year count as my camp for that year?
  6. I've blagged some things in my time, but never leave counting as camp. You, sir, are my new hero. :D
  7. You must admit, it's a very odd area. The gent is still on FTRS, just at home, on leave, until his contract expires. He's still serving and could still, very faintly, risk finding himself on duty. He can't attend TA and if camp falls in that month, what can he do ?
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    Are you for real?
  9. Yep leave counts as camp......happened to me. Still had to do 12 days and all bounty tests to qualify for bounty. Its actully up to the CO as I believe your FTRS has to be in line with what your job is. For example if you are in an infantry unit and you go FTRS to a regular infantry bn then you can expect this to count towards bounty but if you go on secondment to the Princes Trust then your CO does not have to sign your EC.
  10. Mobbed or FTRS as both are two different things???
  11. Reference: 2006DIN02-159

    Bounties, Pay and Pensions
    22. Training Bounties.
    a. FTRS service does not count as bounty earning service. However, personnel who have fulfilled their bounty earning obligations for the training year in which they enter an FTRS commitment are eligible to receive their bounty at the end of that training year.
    b. Similarly, those who fulfil their bounty earning obligations after the end of their FTRS commitment but before the end of the training year, are eligible to receive their bounty at the end of that training year.
    c. Bounty earning training completed before entering an FTRS commitment may be
    aggregated with bounty earning training completed after the end of the commitment provided that such training falls within the training year.
    d. Where the commanding officer of an individual’s parent TA unit is satisfied that a period of 15 days or more FTRS was relevant to the individual’s role as a member of the TA, that service is to count in lieu of camp for bounty earning purposes.
    e. Abatement of Bounty. Where an individual has qualified for bounty in any training year,
    the total aggregation of his pay and bounty (grossed up to reflect standard rates of tax and
    ERNIC) must not exceed the gross annual emoluments payable had the whole training year
    been served on regular rates of pay without bounty. Where the gross regular annual rate of
    pay is exceeded, bounty payments are to be abated accordingly.

    Sorry cant do a link cos im a computer mong
  12. JSP 754 (the bible!!)

    b. Call-Out Prior to Annual Camp. Personnel taken into permanent service prior to attending Annual Camp may, for bounty earning purposes, count 15 days of mobilised service in lieu of continuous training. Additionally, if this period, or an additional period of 15 days mobilised service falls during January, February or March, it may be allowed to count in lieu of Annual Camp for the following training year. It is therefore possible to earn exemption from Annual Camp for both the present and following training years if mobilised for more than 30 days, and if at least one period equalling or exceeding the training requirement, of that mobilised service falls in the period 1 January - 31 March).

  13. Mobilised yes, FTRS No
  14. Gentleman, to those of you who have posted useful information, thank you.

    I have been told now I will find my bounty in my bank account soon.