Bounty Payment and Qualification

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by weave3049, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. I am a member of a small reserve RAF unit where recently we had a communication from our HQ stating that we had all be paid the latest annual bounty in error. In that we had not qualified in one or more areas of the requirement, ie MTD's, CCS, Fitness Test, enough days on ACT etc etc.

    The bulk of us had recently returned from an operational call up and were covered for ACT, additionally the bulk had completed enough MTD's. This left the question over CCS and the Fitness Test.

    During the latter part of 2007 and in the training year for the latest bounty we had all attented a training weekend to conduct the CCS and Fitness Test but this did not take place as no training staff were available and therefore the OC made the decision that we had all qualified. It would appear that this was not acceptable as he signed of the whole unit and not individuals as exceptions. However, we were all under the impression that we had qualified otherwise we would have made alternative arrangements to take both. Do you countermand or questions your OC decison? I think not! We are being told that the onus was on us to ensure we completed as well as the Admin of our unit?

    I have two questions:

    Do we have a case to fight this as we will shortly be receiving notice of recovery action?

    I believe that there is a limitation time period on recovery - ie date of identifying the issue to commencing recovery action. However, I though this was covered is the JSP 752 but I am struggling to find it.

    Can anyone advise honestly or should we start saving!
  2. This is probably best asked on an RAF Forum.