Bounty on TCH

I have just seen this wonderful idea elsewhere:

ARRSE subscribers chip in a bit of cash each into a pot. The pot (or bounty) is awarded to the person who gets TCH into the most "degrading, public and humiliating" position this side of the General Election:


Pushing him into a latrine pit "in theatre"
Arranging a frisky police dog to have "an accident" on his nice shiny-ar$ed suit!
Arranging a mass moon at a photocall!

etc.... :twisted:

Photographic evidence required! :twisted:
Remember that the tw@t will be on the lookout for pre-election photo opportunities. He should be given a photo opportunity he will never forget...... :twisted:
Jeezus! Wish this idea came up earlier - was only a foot from him last week. :roll:

Things we would do for money eh..... :D
The Lord Flasheart said:

Do I win? :lol:
Did you get the head on the wrong body?


Kit Reviewer
Bounty on TCH ?

Is this some sort of ATD requirement for the STABs ?
The Lord Flasheart said:
RC, yep you are right.

The lap dog being Bliar of course.
I suggest a suicide skiffer. Someone close to retirement with pension in the bag. The sight of TCH reeling post attack with a shiney new mo screaming "Get it off, get it off" would rally the Nation mightily and would almost certainly be replayed throughout the election campaign.

ARRSE could establish a Skiffer Donations fund to raise money to look after the skiffers wife and kids until he was out. That is presuming that he was not extracted from the scene atop the shoulders of cheering policemen.

The skiff option is the best.
Now I think about it as long as you could get the skiffer away from the scene without capture you could then bring the Sparticus option into play. Hundreds (if not thousands) of ARRSE members could step forward declaring "I'm Sparticus, it was me who skiffed TCH".

Of course it would help if the DNA of the stool mo was someone other than the skiffer.
The virtual manimal floorshow is excellent, however.....

it needs to be made reality to claim the prize! All it requires is 2 cats, a Bliar, a TCH, a chainsaw and lots of superglue!

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