Bounty Hunters

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Livin_on_a_prayer, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Is anyone watching that program on sky one, about bounty hunters in Afganistan. Ex-military, police, walts etc. types join up and earn $1000+ a day for hunting wanted terrosits and insurangents down or protecting embassies, people etc. Very dangerous, but well paid. One guy was saying that you get all these comboy walts turning up, who can barely hold a weapon, who panic when they get into the real thing and end up getting themselves shot.
  2. Pinch-Of-Salt.
  3. Another chod program. Any decent firm wouldn't take the camera crew along.

    Did you get a load of that U.S. guy held in prison? What a nutcase!
  4. lol, i'd love to see him brake out with all his "commando's" and go down in a blaze of glory!
  5. It was a comedic tour de force...almost as funny as "Dog the bounty hunter" but thankfully slightly easier to understand when drunk than the movie Domino - which was pump.
  6. edited due to my lack of knowlege of the aussie sf's.
  7. The American Embassy must rate their security as a very low priority if they can only afford that bunch of middle aged Walts! A Chinese Pox Doctor FFS.

    Utter bollocks. Worse than Ultimate Force. :roll:
  8. forgot about that , he was just trying to get a portion of hows your father on the house.
  9. There used to be a bar in Bangkok where the Mercs where said to hang out.
    Back in the early 80's a newspaper report stated that Clint Eastwood had put up $3 mill to get the MIAs out of Lao.
    In the small hotel where I stayed there was a young Canadien lad who on finding I was in HM Forces asked me to go with him to look the place over.
    Mercs, resident Alcholocis, is the politest thing I could say.
    I had several drinks at the bar while the lad circulated soaking up the atmosphere, he really beleived it.
    While I stood there chatting the barmaid, more then once I caught a conversation which went along the line of
    "I've got a Radio man, a sniper scout, so all I need is a medic and thats you, so if you can loan me X $, you'll be in the team when Clint forwards the money"

    Oh and there was a place where the Mercs did meet and probably still do, but I haven't been down there for almost ten years.
  10. I remember in the late eighties (just) that there was an ad in the well known Forces newspaper recruiting guards for the American Embassy in Germany.

    The money was shite, there was training and the ability to handle a pistol seemed to be the only required qualification.

    I imagined (not for long) me and my oppo ex-Catering Corps trying to stop a truck full of explosives with a pistol while several hundred marines hid behind their concrete fortifications. Still, that was the funniest item in the newspaper, kept us laughing all day.
  11. I don't see why these firms bother hiring these guys.

    Just keep the A-Team on speed dial. They're much better, can make their own kit from wriggly tin and a tennis ball and are free.

    Job Done.

    (Serious answer: I flicked it on and it was pump, so I went back to watching Black Hawk Down).
  12. The guy in prison said the these private security firms who hire out mercs are the new East India company. I think its pretty bad though, that these people are goin around killing without any law or right to do so, I mean they could do what they want without anyone to answer to.
  13. BeastAppreciationSociety, Aussie Commandos are considered Special Forces(alongside the Aussie SAS)...they pretty much do the same job as Bootnecks (ie: do the commando course, get their Green Berets, get the commando dagger flash etc)but are army not navy.
  14. Bounty Hunters!

    They came in search of paradise and found:


    Sounds like the same bunch of idiots who flooded the balkans as mercs when it first kicked off, kids, cooks, walts etc..
  15. But I prefer the plain chocolate ones.

    Not as good as the Toffee Crisp but definitely something you avoid in the swimming pool.