Bounty hunters to cut benefit fraud by £1bn

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. Very smart Mr Cameron, very smart indeed!

    Bounty hunters to cut benefit fraud by £1bn - Telegraph

    "So tell me 'I can't get a job an I ain't got no money innit' Mr Chav, how do you explain the two week all inclusive holiday in Las Vegas last month?"

    And no, that's not a made up one, I know a family of long term doleys who regularly do just that.
  2. Whilst using experian is probably a good idea, I had a vision of David Cameron walking up and down a line consisting of Boba Fett, Dog the Bounty hunter and Chuck norris at Conservative HQ, saying 'They're no use to me dead...'
  3. I don't care either way, just so long as it cuts the benefits cost for the workshy I'm happy
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Will they be armed like in the US? That would be cool.

    "Doley scum! face down on the floor NOW! Tart! Step away from that fag packet, slowly now, slowly. We're taking you down and in bludger!"
  5. Stop ripping off the housing or Dog's mega-titted spunkreceptacle will kick your front door down and swab your chavvy little eyes with mace!
  6. Thought Judge Dread was becoming a reality there for a moment. Anything that cuts the waste that is in the benefits system has to be a good thing.
  7. i think everyone is missing a few points:

    tories in and its open season on the poor!

    how dare someone show that our rich and privelegded mp's are corrupt, lets just make sure a couple are hung out to dry and wait for the dust to settle and carry on, the hoi polloi are thick and stupid they won't notice.

    when a small amount of people ruin the world's economy lets make sure we cane the majority of people with bank charges, make huge profits and not pay the government back. ah, not forgetting the huge bonuses when most people can't get a wage rise and some have taken a pay cut, not forgetting those that have and will be made redundant.

    remember that the bank losses have been changed to national debt by quantitive easing, when is this going to be paid back? oh I forgot, its paper or accounting changes that have made the profit or bonuses.

    yes, there is benefit fraud. Unfortunately, the needy will be used for these companies to make a profit and the real fraudsters will get away with it. who will be advising these companies? surely not mp's who will not declare their private interests!! a la hague. lol. the people involved are too clever to be caught because they know how to play the system and the amount of people involved is more than we think. is there a zero tolerance target or will people who have been overpaid by £50 pounds in one week be hounded through the courts if they cannot pay the money back.

    declaring war on the so called poor will not work. it wont change the fact that 95% of the wealth in this country is controlled by 5% of the population.
  8. Isn't there a window you can lick somewhere, you don't have the faintest grasp of economics.
  9. Sounds like someones afraid their gravy train will be stopped and they'll have to go back to working for a living! Learn to use grammar and punctuation or go back to moscow, commie! The poor are fcuking vermin, we'd be better off if we just killed them all, but brutally exposing their financial pecadillos will have to suffice for now...

  10. There we go corrected it for you
  11. lol. now now boys. 30 years of working and not unemployed. single parent for the past 3 years. going to uni in september. bleeding heart commie, yes. iggerrant, un-edumaketed trying hard not to be.
  12. **** off and get a job.

  13. 50ish year old single parent?
  14. Well half the pikeys have kids ranging from 20ish down to toddler age plus never mind their older offspring breeding after the age of 13 not sure what breeds faster bacteria/rats/rabbits/chavs
  15. In the eighteen years I've been in civvy strasse, I've met former colleagues who have been involved in this type of work. Likewise with some Met Police types who have been contracted by either the 'Benefits Office' or some Insurance company or other to undertake investigative work. It's nothing new beyond reminding long term claimants that they are likely to be scrutinised.

    There was a similar article in Sunday's NOTW which was e-mailed to me by POPPY. It was a rather embarrassing feature in my opinion, on 'Pete Winner' ( Soldier I) now training 'operators' to follow / photograph claimants. It's a decent wage for ex-mil and ex-police types but very much an acquired career taste.