Bounty for those leaving the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cardinal, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. If you qualify for bounty completing day's and MATT's and serve into the last month of a training year is your bounty delayed significantly by leaving the TA prior to it hitting the bank?

    In other words I am probably leaving the TA in mid to late March and would normally expect Bounty to go in in May'ish is it likely to be much later this year?

  2. Simple answer isn't there? Leave after you've got your Bounty, that's what most people do. IIRC, there is something in TA Regs sttaing that you cannot receive a Bounty in both your first and last years of service. A mate of mine is quite clear on this: he is going to leave this year, but only after he's got his Bounty and his QDJM. Fair enough...what's the problem? He's done his bit over the years and now wishes to enjoy the rest of life doing something else at weekends etc.
  3. I recommend that you leave in the next training year as I believe that there is a requirement that you are, theoretically, available for service throughout the year.
  4. HM is correct, you cannot receive Bounty in your last year if you received it in your first year. However, when everyone's details were transferred onto JPA the muppets:nod: forgot this and cannot identify who it applies to if you joined before the transfer:excited:

    IIRC your Bounty will not appear in the bank until everyone else's does and you may need to remind your (ex) unit to apply.