Bounty for mobilised troops

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rubber, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Do mobilised reservists qualify for bounty? i.e. If one was mobilised for the past year, would you get it or would that time be classed as full time service, therefore not bounty qualifying?

  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    You would have to make up some time when you get back as time on ops dosen't qualify you for bounty
  3. My understanding is that that is no longer the case. Mobilised service split either side of the new calendar year will even count as camp for both of the years in question. I'd need to dig out the paperwork though, and I'll stand by to be corrected.
  4. We were told it counted for the ATP element but you still need to have done enough out of camp training - drill nights, w/e etc. Also advised it cannot be paid while you are still on POTL & annual leave. Speak to your PSAO about an extension to your training year to ensure you are able to qualify. MATTs shoudl have been doen at Chilwell so that will be taken care of.
  5. I have also heard that Fas, albeit only via the grapevine. Just wondered what the gen is, as no-one seems to know!
  6. as long as u have done ure 12 days and all ure matts u will get ure bounty WHEN you demob
  7. If you are mobilised for the training year april through to March then you will not receive the bounty.

    However you are able to do a reduced commitment with your mobilisation counting towards your 2 week camp if it CO believes that your regular service was deemed relevent. You just need to complete a number of weekends within the training year (this can be extended by a month with your OCs permission. You need to do 8 weekends if this is your commitment but confirm with your PSAO or if you can be bothered to deal with them the useless staff at RTMC chilwell in the admin section

    Edited as I realised a lot of people work in chilwell and I needed to be more specific