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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by matchbox, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. I've been getting a 1st year bounty for the last 4 years. It always takes them a few weeks to sort it out, and that's with me hassling them all the time. Apparently there's a glitch in the JPA system; if that's the case, why don't they pre-empt it and why does it only seem to be my SQN? Other wages are more often wrong than not too and it gets really frustrating when the pay clerk hides behind rank.
    We're (it always seems to be juniors - not sure if the pay clerk just sorts it out more quickly for seniors, or we just don't hear them moaning) always told that you can't rely on TA wages. I understand that it's effectively sessional work so we can't depend on the hours, but surely when the hours have been done (often at the expense of civilian work) we're entitled to be paid by the due date? I sought advice from someone in my civilian employment who said employment law dictates that we should be paid by the due date and that date should be stipulated in our contract of employment. Do we have a contract of employment in the TA? And how do we go about getting wages on time when the pay clerk jumps down our throat for daring to ask?
  2. We don't have a contract of employment in the TA (unless you're on an ADC). Neither, in fact, do the regulars. And bounty isn't, legally, pay, otherwise we'd pay tax and NI on it.

    Also, pay screw-ups aren't new since JPA - it just gives them a computer to blame.
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    You should go through the Chain of Command if the pay wallah is giving you the run-a-round. This is the sort of thing that officers get paid for sorting out.

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  4. I think you've answered your own Q