Bounty after mobilisation

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crossed_axes, Jul 2, 2004.

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  1. There's a story in today's Daily Express about a TA soldier who has been denied his bounty for not doing enough training days - despite being mobilised and spending 6 months in Iraq.

    An MOD spokesman is quoted as saying 'the annual bonus was a training payment so active service could not could towards qualifying for it'.

    From what I've seen, COs are giving the bounty to anyone who has been mobilised - so is this guy the subject of a one-off f*** up or are lots of people in the same situation?
  2. Been covered on here before, its down to individual units CO's most have waived the requirement.
    Which unit was it?
  3. Some people just show no commitment :lol:
  4. No doubt the CO will wonder why this bloke throws his kit through the front gate with a note saying where to insert said kit.

    Nil points for man management.
  5. according to the Express, he's in the RLC in Cramlington
  6. My understanding was that Glasgow had accepted that mobilised service could stand in lieu of an annual camp but that mobiised TA would still need to complete their out of camp training requirement.
  7. msr

    msr LE


    Your estate even gets your bounty if you die during the training year and it looked like you would have certified FFR.

  8. That's right.

    TA soldiers have a minimum requirement of 15 days "in camp" and 12 days "out of camp" training. Mobilisation may count in lieu of camp but not (subject to waiver by CO, I guess) in lieu of training out of camp.

    It is a wnaker of a requirement, one which is being looked at - not least because questions have been raised about it in Parliament by the servants of Dr Evil!

    Statement by Ivor Caplin MP to the House of Commons on 22 Jan 2004:

    "While compulsory mobilisation does not in itself qualify members of the Territorial Army for their annual training bounty, certain aspects of that service can contribute towards the award. For example, mobilised service in theatre can be considered as meeting the requirement for a 15-day camp (or training in lieu)."

    (Evil emphasis added; note that nothing was said by Cap-in-yo-ass-lin regarding out of camp training)
  10. Funny, that. Our OP TELIC 4 guys are on nine-month call-ups, leaving them three months to get the days in. Bearing in mind that post-demob most people want little to do with the green machine for a few months, it's not all that easy to get the 12 days.
  11. Thats not the point is it, spend 6 months doing service to your country and then to be told your short of days is a bloomin joke.
    I bet for a few this was the final nail in the coffin and have since left (after picking their bounty of course).
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Surely, after not picking up their bounty...

  13. well its amazing how 12 days can be made up from 'long' tuesday nights chasing their bounty's
  14. We have had only 1 soldier leave the unit after mobilisation, (non Bounty related) all the rest have stayed. Perhaps its the respect that they are now getting from some of the crusty old regulars we have, many who have never seen a shot fired in anger! :wink:
  15. Same thing happened to me. I got called up for Veritas, extended so I could take part in Telic ... and returned to my unit to be told by the PSAO "no bounty for you my son, it's the rules you know". I was 2 days or so short having been mobilised for 8 out of the 12 months of the relevant training year.

    So there you go, after all that time doing the job I'd been trained for and fitting in the odd Op I was now officially not trained to the required standard. I also lost the VRSM (or whatever it's called these days) as it apparently requires a string of unbroken efficiency certificates.

    I'm still glad I extended though.