Bounty...A taste of paradise?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by redsquirrel, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Anybody else found they have a deduction of £40 instead of their bounty?

    I contacted JPA (after the initial panic had gone) and they tell me its an error that will be put right tomorrow. Payment in full should be made but I've to call back tomorrow if there are any problems, any guesses as to what will happen?

    My money (quite literally) is on - No sign of the bounty, no answer on the JPAC enquiry line...
  2. My bounty was paid......£10......and they say the TA do it for the money.....I will be making some heated enquiries!
  3. £40 Instead of a bounty. You could buy a load of bounty's with that. :twisted:
  4. hmmm how did you find that out since we have no access to pay statements yet?
  5. If you've got stuff like that - it means your staff have fucked up I'm afraid.

  6. feck knows,

    just when i was getting to grips with armynet it goes and changes again

  7. deduction of £80 for no known reason...following on from £450 deductions last summer....Good times
  8. Armynet has had Aprils pay statements for the last few days.
  9. Checked on JPA.
  10. you mean to say that you know how it works!?
  11. ahhhhhhhhhh redfox my april pay slip is up and all is ok with that. i thought you meant it was on mays statement or something similar!!!!!!

    apologies for being a mlaaaarrrrrr
  12. Im suprised they are on armynet already, must be a record!
  13. April's statements are on AN? Great!

    As regards the Bounty element , oh dear , going to be living in interesting times tonight :(
  14. I wish! I certainly know how some of it works, at least, as opposed to the JPAC who seem to be totally clueless!


    No probs - makes a change from me!
  15. Further to my last, ladies and gents...Checked JPA first thing this morning and unsuprisingly, no sign of the promised pay run. No bounty, nada, nichts, zip. So I rang the enquiry line which took a while to get through because all their operators were busy. Again no startling revelations there! Here, for those who may be concerned is the lastest excuse:

    'It was a problem caused by your unit AO who has input your pay amount details incorrectly. We (JPAC) can't fix it, it has to come from your unit. Once they input the correct details, we can pay you. But, it may take a few days to hit your bank'

    Now, I know my unit AO and that person has never made a mistake before. So I asked, if they had made an error, why had the same thing happened to people who are not in my unit?

    'I cant answer that' was the reply...

    Further more, I asked, why was I told that it would be sorted today with a new pay run that would appear on JPA and be in my bank.

    'I cant answer that, its a problem at your unit'

    Apparently, 'a supervisor' will ring me later and explian this space!