Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brettarider, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. well it's almost that time again what you spendings yours on? as for me importing 2 lambretta's from Greece :wink:
  2. Family holiday in Cyprus
  3. Ok.. so slight off topic.... not what i'm spending it on.. but whether i'll get it.

    Just transferred from the (dreaded) OTC to a TA unit.... In the OTC we would get our bounty paid in aug after we've attended july annual camp etc ... So THIS year i've had a bounty paid (technically)...

    Does this mean that i'll effectively miss out on a years bounty whilst i wait to re-align myself with the TA-normal?


  4. as a new recruit would i get a bounty first year ? - if so when is it paid ? thanks
  5. Clearing my overdraft! 3rd year student about to gradutate + 5th year bounty = :)
  6. As long as you have qualified (ie passed all ITDs and Phase 2) before April then you should Swindonman tho it may arrive late as Glasgow are f***ing slow sometime ;)
  7. Ha ve you done all your ITD's and 2 week recruit/cmsr camp ect? if not dont think so might be next year I'm afraid why not speak to your unit admin office should be in a better position to tell you
  8. Mine has already been spent on a new digital camcorder, and the remainder is going on a nice weekend in Paris, and a few plane flights here and there.

    You'll qualify for bounty if you've got all your days and ITD's done, and the CMS(R)/GAP training may also be compulsary, talk to your psao or OC if they're loitering anywhere and the aproachable kind - they're the ones that pass names onto the CO for certification.
  9. What time's that then? The time it ought to be paid? Sure as f*** isn't that time it usually, eventually, ends up in the bank account yet!

  10. Oh aye ??
  11. Talking to a nice officer last weekend, got his bounty for 204 - 2005, a month ago. On that ratio, I wonder when we willl get this years.
  12. MRI scan on my back to get back into the regs. Maybe it should be a brain scan! :lol:

  13. Yes, it will be therapy to recover from the inevitable war wounds sustained on the upcoming camp which I hear is going to be 'one to remember', that's all I've heard though.
  14. One to remember ? I'm still playing hunt the coursebook !!
  15. If you find it can please send directions to me (and the rest of the TA), I may well be playing the 'max the MTD's out game' next year whilst looking for work.