Bound brakes! Call for a VM!

Discussion in 'REME' started by Detonator, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. REME Chaps/Chapettes,

    Set of very bound Renault Megane rear (drum) brakes. :(

    I cant rock or drive them off, they've really had it. Gonna try and knock them off with a hammer on the drum. If that fails what ther options do I have?

    All help gratefully recieved! Gotta jump start the bloody thing first...
  2. is there an access port covered by a rubber bung at the back of the brakes. if so try and back the brakes off. a torch will be helpful at this point and screwdriver.
  3. also is there any extra holes at the front of the drum. if so you just need to find the correct bolts and try jacking the drum off the hub. ensure you wind the bolts in a bit at a time. (ensure you back the brakes off before you try this)
  4. There is indeed. If they're proper rusted on will this work? Alas the shoes needed renewing.

    Am I in hub puller territory?
  5. Now we're cooking. Cheers. I'll have to look (the car is an hour away) :x

    Anything else?
  6. Its one central nylok hub nut with 4 studs for the wheel nuts. Bugger.
  7. Release the handbrake.
  8. Will that help? :roll:
  9. When my drum brakes seized up I found that tapping (gently) around the drum with a lump hammer helped to release the shoes. Was a different car mind, but I guess the same principle applies.
  10. Thats gonna be my first port of call. Just need a sledgehammer now....!
  11. Try slackening a bleeder nipple before you get physical just to be sure it's not a faulty return valve in the master cylinder.
  12. On my Megane the linings came off the brake shoes so that could be adding to your problems.
  13. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I'd agree with the bleeding idea, just drop a bit of fluid out at the brake end. That might free it up a bit, otherwise I'm a lump hammer and a friendly tap sort of person.

    If you want to refit the drum then take it slowly otherwise you'll end up with a couple of sections of drum on the floor. I have used a metal bar with 2 holes in (fitted to the hub bolts) to use as a lever before, short sharp taps sometimes do what the more gentle engine force can't.

  14. Cheers gents. Some cracking info. Will let you know what happens for amusement value...
  15. Release the handbrake.[/quote]

    Will that help? :roll:[/quote]

    Well it won't hurt.. :D