bouncy wobbly avatars?

Best avatar currently displayed?

  • cait

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  • ozgerbobble

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  • PartTimePongo

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  • other: please list.

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while taken with ozgerbobble's homage to sydney moon myself 8O :D :wink: ,

take your pick! :arrow:
if i had a set like sydney's, i wouldn't get out of bed. guess what im getting myself if the numbers come up on saturday :twisted: :twisted:
mmmmmmmmmm breasts :D :D :D :D
Best visualy - Oz's
Best statement - PTP
Most like my wife (The brains bit) - Cait.
Best Union Jack Boxers - Mine !
oi, what about mine?


wooaa ozer those puppys are stone crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
mind if a coloniel cousin hangs out here awhile?
Please do Son, but mind your avatar is rubbish in comparison to the other avatars on display in this forum, athough mine only pales into insignificance after the viewing of Ozergobler's.
A fortunate son,

we don't do politics mate,
I've been told off for being political without satire before!

Although wanting to inflict regresive, ignorant, bigoted rulership upon yourself has got to be satire!

Or just stupidity!

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