Bouncing Bomb Bounces Again

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Border_Reiver, May 2, 2011.

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  1. Oh the Irony of this bit "But his notes and designs were lost in a flood,"
  2. I was also amused in the report that it took the team two years to recreate wheras Wallis only had months to create from first thought to operational use .
  3. No doubt they did the work for free.
  4. You are probably right and perhaps I was a little harsh for during 1939/45 the UK Economy was being run on a War Basis and after the final approval of his concept all resources necessary would have been thrown at the project to reach the deadline .
  5. If they did it for free I'll eat my own cock.
  6. Well I certainly went off at a tangent there ... and now suitably corrected .... I got focussed on just the resources required to complete the task in the time available ... doubtless participants in the recreation will be expecting financial reward from the programme either before or after its initial showing ... did Barnes Wallis charge for his time ? I do know that he received a payment of several thousand pounds after the the war for his work ... I believe he used it to set up some form of Charity for RAF Personnel ... how times have changed .
  7. my bold: I think BW was employed by Vickers ..