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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by paulrobz, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone see the documentary tonight on ITV (Bouncers)

    Some 19 year old got rejected from entering the bar, he kicked off and claimed "I'm 19 and in the Parchute Regiment, I Protect Our Country, And They Wont Let Me In ..... blah blah" WHAT A CNUT, for saying that on tv!
  2. Geoff Thompson, one of the best martial artists in the world, worked as a bouncer in Coventry. One night he was attacked by five squaddies. He retaliated with a set of brass knuckles. All five soldiers were injured.

    Police arrived and lifted everyone involved. When they were interviewing the squaddies one of started moaning that he had fought in the Falklands. The police Sgt replied: "You might have taken the Falklands, but you did'nt do too well in Coventry." :twisted:
  3. Yeah I saw it as well - what a pr1ck...thanks for the good PR, I hope he was recognised by his CoC and well and truly bounced for being a kn0b.
  4. how aboutt getting turned away from clubs and bars becuase of being in the forces and for no other reason?? That's just shiiit, and smacks of hpocricacy!
  5. When I was in Afghanistan, all I could think about was visiting a particular local night club as soon as I got home. Every night on stag I'd go through every aspect of the night in my mind again and again and again. It was minus 25! I needed something to keep my mind off the cold.

    After several months in theatre, my leave finally came and a couple of days into it I finally got the chance to visit the club. I got dressed, jumped in the taxi, jumped out at the other end and walked right up to the door thinking about all those nights on stag, and all the pussy I was about to be rewarded with.

    And then some scrawny little Asian fella, with two giant bouncers either side of him, said to me... "Nah, not tonight." When I asked why, he told me "I don't have to tell you why".

    Needless to say, I went fcuking nuts and got a right kicking. I shoudln't have done it, but the same thing was going through my head at the time...

    Then again, I didn't see the program so maybe he was just a c0ck.
  6. Fully understand that one - I've been turned away a fair few times in the past for being a squaddie, it is outrageous and wrong after all they wouldn't turn someone away for being black would they if a black person started a fight?

    I'd understand it if they were p*ssed out of their skull and acting like a tw@t like this fellah was.
  7. Fair one. No doubt there's an attitude adjustment coming his way!
  8. Anyone remember LA's in Hull? used to take your MoD90 off you going in and if you'd been a bit naughty the cnuts would cut it up/not return it que ending up on orders and a £90 fine. Thankfully not me though 8O
  9. Hahahaha yeah remember that one, especially on parade the next day having mod90 inspection lol
  10. On last nights programme there was a guy in his 70's still out clubbing, it was funny as fcuk, oldest person in the club by 30 years probably......still out on a saturday night getting lagered up. Truly impressive!
  11. Sorry RFUK, that tour tee-shirt, jeans and desert boots are casual...
  12. Don't be daft.

    I was wearing desert combats and an "Operation Iraqi Freedom Survivor" baseball cap. With my miniatures pinned on it.
  13. It wasn't our favourite walt, Mr Golden was it :D
  14. VE Day celebrations 1995, Dogfondler and his mates in the big city with the bright lights to do a dog display in Hyde Park. In the time-honoured fashion, we went on the piss the night before, and wandered into a pub in the Kings road which was flying Union Jacks and bunting and all sorts of patriotic shite.

    They, "Don't serve squaddies."

    happy to celebrate VE Day, but 'don't serve squaddies'.

    even after we pointed out the irony, they 'don't serve squaddies'.

    So we had to go somewhere else.
  15. This reminds me of an incident last week. In a club, and some guy smacks right in the face for no reason. So the bouncers take him away, I get my senses back. Feeling completely insulted that a 'civi' smacked me for absolutly no reason at all, I decided to go after him. I go up to him but, held away by another bouncer.

    So I asked who the **** is he was and what does he do for his country, certainly not going out to warzones. I went to the toilets to clean myself up and some bouncer comes up to me "Oi, son, don't be saying you go out to fight..etc" and was 'briefing me up'.

    Although, I think I did have a right to say it, I just felt completly insulted that it was by a civvi that hit me.

    What should I have done?