Bouncers, doormen.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JONESY24546113, Jul 3, 2005.

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  1. Right guys, Its like this.......I`m A BIG 16 STONE 6 FOOT +, 40ish bloke, and yeah ive had some scrapes in ma time but WTF who hasn`t.

    Today I had my first contact/physical run in with the above mentioned types,who wouldnt let my pal back in the pub to tell me he was going home.This after he had been to pick up his son from ye local pizza hut, cos he woz attired in a British Lions shirt, and all this despite the fact we had been in the same pub for an hour or so previous to him going for his kid,and he wearing the same said (highly offfensive) shirt. :cry:

    Bottom line......we,2of us went to the door to speak to him,and to say that said doorman were being a tad unreasonable,not letting him in. this was swifly followed by the Bouncers from the adjoining pub turning up ie; 8 to 3 ratio(very brave).After words, there then ensued a bouncer initiated bout of fistycuffs,however this was very brief . :wink: All this in the doorway of the pub....and infront of my pals 15 year old son........and also out of view of punters in the pub and bods walking/driving on the street.

    Next thing PC Plod appears and threatens to do "US" for a public order offence.... (an hour before WE was drinking with a colleague of said PC from the same station )- RELATED TO THE GUY IN RUGGER SHIRT-......pity really that he had gone home.It would have been interesting......"Door men twat local off duty bobby".

    Anyway boys......if ya wanna fight bouncers,go to ELEMENTS and DAHLI BAR in Bolton..............there gagging for it , especially if your 40+.............. :lol:

  2. If iam ever in Bolton i will look them up ....

    Just like beebs told me i did in Salisbury but i dont remember 8O
  3. Sounds like a touch of overkill by these paticular doormen.... but the laws changing for the better...!! We generally "gather" in groups to deter civvi and ( believe it or not) some fellow drunken squaddies from causing trouble in the first place or from being injected by a hyperdermic with god knows what nastiness in. However there are still some cnuts who just want to battle and i applaud your efforts to help get them "removed", that way i can get more jobs myself. Were meant to be there to let people have a good time without hassle and im sure a simple explanation would of resolved your situation but the old school still live/die by the sword.......
  4. Serves you right for frequenting these establishments. For the sake of a 10 quid taxi ride you can come into Manchester. At least the bouncers call you an ambulance after dishing out door justice.
  5. bouncers = Gorillas on drugs

    i kid you not, they pop steriods in gyms like smarties
  6. Its down to the company they work for vetting them and the establishemnt they work for portraying an image that they wish thier customer base to see.

    Doormen are the front men of any drinking hole, if they are in bomber jackets and boots then you can assume they are hand fisted thugs probably on £5 an hour.

    A decent place will employ a better class of fella, usually in a black suit and dicky bo, these fellas will greet people with a hello and often a handshake and immediatly diffuse a situation..... if that fails and ultra violence is the only way there is generally no need for fisty cuffs, just a quick arm lock and out the nearest door.

    Most areas now have a doormans vetting procedure in place, this costs the security company a few hundred quid a man, he therefore needs to recoup that money, which isn't going to happen if joey thug is locked up for assualt two nights a week.

    I did the door for two years and can count on one hand the number of serious scrapes and that was in Blackpool....

    A decent doorman will use his brain and his gob to diffuse a situation rather than wade in windmilling.
  7. There's a bottom line when dealing with bouncers, and it's this...

    No matter how unreasonable they're being, no matter how stupid, how belligent, how fucking ridiculous. There is absolutely no point whatsoever in arguing with them. Take it on the chin (metaphorically) and move on. Because there isn't going to be a happy resolution.

    If you feel particularly hard done by you can attempt to take it up with venue management (or the law if it's physical) at a later time but the chances of getting anyone on a door to change their minds about a decision on the spot are so slim it's barely worth the breath.
  8. That is already happening round my area, Liverpool, St Helens, Southport, the Bouncer culture is changing, to be honest conflict resolution is a lot less painful than the "traditional method" whihc is also counter productive for the pub/establishment in question if word gets around that the doorman is unfriendly they will take their money elsewhere.

    i was NOT kidding about Steriod kings there are a few about they are the ones to watch as steriods can make you lose your self control and flare up easily. personally a little drug test wouldn't go amiss as part of the vetting procedure.

    Edit to add: this is my 1000th post !
  9. Well, as you guys know, door supervisors have to be qualified, badged and registered. It costs in the region of £600 to do all of that, which is hard for those who just do it for a bit of extra cash. Also, licensees are legally responsible for employing door supervisors who are badged and registered - if they are not, the licensee is committing a criminal offence.

    The 4 day course that they do is basically 2 days of law, procedures, security awareness and the last 2 days is pure conflict management which, as MDN says, is about diffusing violence, not starting it! Hopefully over time, the cowboys looking for trouble will start to fall away.
  10. £600? which scary area are you in?

    as the SIA licensing system is coming in for everybody doing security related work, they'll need training up.

    Door coruse's are about £250, and then you have the license fee of £190.
    Intrestingly enougth Door supvisor license's alow you to work as a static security guard as well.
  11. I have done my stint as a doorman and I can honestly say I have never acted in that manner, In Liverpool as mentioned we have a tight door regulation scene and its getting tighter as not only do you have to register with LCC you now have to take the aptitude tests and be vetted on the CRB, Any shit and your gone.. not top recieve a door licence again.
  12. But the best bit is you can get a cheaper course through a decent company ( my SIA course cost £ 90 and the badge cost £190 ( if i remember right) but i claimed 80% of the course fees back through the army system. I can still claim £60 back from the tax office for the badge as it's a second job.

    MDN is right, im not the biggest of chaps so use my brain and diplomacy to diffuse situations. Id much rather collect phone No's in the club than stains on the shirt and scars on my pretty boy face!!
  13. roflmao... you are a card you... never a true'r word spoken tho :)
  14. I am going to be going through the process which will enable me to deliver the course in the next few months (the SIA have recently brought in quite stringent requirements for people who deliver the training -and expensive... :-( ) and I will also go for my badge. I don't want to earn my keep as a Door Supervisor but I do want to do some work as one as I don't think I could do a good job delivering the training if I hadn't done it. The tutor who is taking me through the DS course is ex-Scots Guards and ex-Police is looking forward to putting me on the doors of his pubs..

    Any good tips and war stories?! (sorry... 'case studies') I am rather more concerned about staying awake until 3am - I like to be in bed pretty early usually! And the last night club I socialised in was in Dusseldorf in 1986....... :)