Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FredWest, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. Opinions and sarcastic comments all welcome on this one.

    Had a minor issue on Saturday, was out with the other half, about half 12 she's not feeling too well, so off she totters to the Ladies!

    Me being the ever gent, stood outside waiting for her to finish throwing her hoop up. Out comes this other young lady, asks if it's my other half who's singing very loud into the bog and ask me to check on her. Now this is where it gets a little dodgy, obviously concerned for the other half, I walk into the toilets, knowing full well the offence i've committed, which is not an issue, picks up the COS Dos Issues, take her to the door and in walks three of the door staff, who them try to man handle me out. At this point, I (try to) explain, no worries, hands up, we're leaving, 'twas then that one of the door staff decided he'd not had his quota of kicking people about that night, so tries to goad me into reacting (as if, I'm p1ssed, got the woman with me and by now there's a crowd of them), calling me soft cunt, saying got to hide behind a woman, etc, etc at one point he even said he'd make me suck his dick, nice homo!!!!

    At no point did either me or the other half give them any excuse or reason to be funny with us (well me).

    I worked on the doors for 4 years, and I never ever treated anyone like that.

    So guys and girls, incoming!
  2. simples! you get a mix of good and bad in all walks! he was obviously anobolically showing off for smallwilly bully boy bragging rights!
  3. The more "knowledge through time" you have the easier it is to ignore throbbers. Every single person I know who richly deserved it, and who I've managed to keep track of, gets it, usually pretty quickly. What the bloke did to you he's doing forty times a week; he'll be glassed, shot, stabbed, filled in or convicted soon.
  4. witnessed a bouncer, or doorman, at the weekend struggling to hold his temper with a young student lad.

    The lads crime? .....asking him where the outside smoking area was.

    The doorman was fcuking fuming! He was strutting about with his arms out and chewing his gum really quick as if he was about to jump in the ring with Lenny McLean or something. 'Cant he read the fcuking signs' he sneared at me and my mate, who were standing nearby.

    I thought it was quite funny. Its a bit stereotypical to assume all bouncers are 'roid munching stressheads but this bloke was kicking the arrse out of it big time.

    He even had the token skinhead and his head actually looked like it was pumped with roids aswell.
  5. The thing is, it's a really good bar, and this one incident has just killed it for us.

    I fully understand that what I did was a little naughty, but I acknowledged that with them, and no resistance was offered to them whatsoever.
  6. It's annoying, the SIA is there to weed out the nutters, but with all the agencies around now, the local knowledge has gone, they come in from wherever and want to fcuk the locals!

    I used to pride myself on the attitude of, if there's no trouble, I've had a good night, however, now it seems that if there is trouble, then they've had a good night! W@ankers!
  7. So did you suck him off?
  8. Wouldn't let it bother you mate, I work with an ex bouncer now, he still wears his black bomber jacket, goes to the gym with his bouncer mates and still looks like he wants to rip everyones head off if you ask him a question that he doesn't like.

    He's a knobber, those bouncers you had issues with are knobbers. Have yourself a brew, a chocolate digestive and look at some internet porn, you'll feel better.
  9. Fred, believe me, gaining an SIA licence is not a way of weeding out the nutters, round my way you can sit the SIA Door Supervisors licence for £199, the courses and the tests at the end are relatively piss easy, so easy in fact that the 30 min exam I sat for corporate security took 10 mins to complete. As long as you have a clean police record, have passed the exams and can pay up the licence fee, you can be 99.9% sure that the licence is yours. ISTR a little while ago that the SIA gave out a load of licences to immigrants then realised that they had f'ked up by not checking properly. At my company alone, we hold open days for recruitment and the amount of people turning with false documentation is astonishing and this is after having their docs scrutinised by the SIA to gain the licence in the first place.
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    If you don't enjoy banging heads why be a bouncer :?
    Obvious what sort of people the job is going to attract in large numbers.....hardly the career choice for budding diplomats and psychologists is it :roll:
  11. I used to work with a chap who worked nights as a bouncer in Bristol. He was about 6'5", Christ only knows how much he weighed; eighteen stone? A more charming gent you could not hope to meet, I still grin when I remember him talking about taking his mum to Paris for her wedding anniversary (I assumed his father was deceased, I never asked).
    I think of him pretty often, because I have to remind myself sometimes that there are bouncers who are ordinary honest chaps and not every single one can be a complete f***ing cnut, even if it seems that way.
  12. This incident didnt occur at the Frontier by any chance??? Ever since a few of them appeared on 'BOUNCERS' i have been informed of a few totally unecessary / over the top removals !
  13. Why did you have to do the course? I would have thought you were scary enough anyway :D
  14. In Edinburgh all the fcuking BOUNCERS/DOOR STAFF are poles so you have to watch yourself as they are on there mobiles and 100 of the sods appear
  15. I've seen it from both sides having done doors and been f@cked about by rank amateurs. I once got jumped by bouncers who'd made me out to be from the competition (trying to muscle in on their drug sales). They made a real mess of my face. Two weeks later the boot was on the other chin wasn't it, they all go home sometime and their duty taxi driver had been paid to take another few turns around the block.

    You should at least write a letter of complaint to the bar and copy it to the local paper, they may be just looking for an excuse to sack the c@nt and no boozer needs bad press at present.