Bought a second hand Volvo 850, any pointers?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Kaye, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Plan to join the automobile club at barracks, and do some of the maintenance myself. Do any of you have pointers, known weak points or things to keep an aye on for this kind of car?

    Its a Volvo 850 V5 10valve 2.5 litre estate.

    What I already noticed is this: It's noisy on start up, but this goes away quickly, could be the tappets and might be engine oil related.
    Also it pulls to the left when I brake hard. I hope it's the blocks on the brakes and not the discs or the calipers (which seem rusty).

    Still, 1997 Volvo 850 with 3,5K on the counter for 950 Euro's is a good deal, so I can spend some money replacing parts.

    Any advice is welcome!
  2. Sounds like it's been sat for a while?

    Get some flushing oil, and change the current oil, you may need to do this more than once, oil pick ups may be sludged up.

    Pulling, could be a lot of things, is one disc still rusty the other cleaning up? Could be lazy/seized brake piston, change the pads anyway, bleed brakes, see what happens.
  3. Loved this car. The 5 cylinders were amazing engines, I used to have an 850R, was the dogs bollox! As for the mechanic side of things, no fecking clue. I remember them being rather pricey in repairs and maintenance...

    For a diagnosis, call Car Talk on NPR: Car Talk. Car tips, advice, and troubleshooting. they are seriously good!
  4. I got the impression that it's been sitting for a while too. The rust and the brakes made me think so. I'll check the brake fluid when I get to it. I wouldn't want to mess with the brakes when I don't know what I'm doing, though!

    What's flushing oil? Special oil to flush, but what does it do?
  5. it IS a great car to drive. That priceyness is what made me decide to go and learn how to do some stuff myself!
  6. aye, buy yourself one of these nice sweaters, compulsory for vulva drivers
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  7. Small tin added to existing oil, let engine idle for about 15 mins, drain oil as hot as you can, the crap will come out with it.
  8. First one did 185,000 miles in 4 years one broken belt, went on to be a taxi, second one currently running 2.4 turbo estate 20 valve 130,000 miles and going strong. Watch the front tyre wear get the thing rolling before you boot it or you be at kwik fit every month. You can buy all the service bits cheap enough on flea bay and the rest is easy. If it's tickover starts fluctuating dont listen to volvo its a half hour repair not a 700 quid one.
  9. HHH

    HHH LE


    You'll need one of these as well!
  10. Good bit of agricultural kit, be careful not to boot it around to much as it has a propensity to eat tyres. Only major problem is the air-con is shite!!
  11. Aye! I noticed that. The heating is fine, but the cooling is absolutely worthless. The one good thing about my last car was that is was comfy as **** (once I got my 6 foot 5 frame into that Suzuki, that is...)

    About the tyres; is that why Volvo drivers are Volvo drivers? Accelerate slowly and then once on the motorway start doing a steady 85Mph? I'll be getting tickets in this one. It's so steady and quiet to drive that where I was allowed to do 120Kph I was doing nearly 150! Never noticed untill I was trying to push all the civvies out of the way on my way home :)
  12. I'd recommend attaching a garden hose to the exhaust pipe. Push the pipe into the car through the window, and seal with duct tape. Jump in, start her up, and enjoy the silence.
  13. The required look over here is more like this:

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  14. You'll be needing some string backed gloves too.