Bottom of my back

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by rick_rolled, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. When i go running, I get a dull throbbing pain at the bottom of my back. I am fine for the first 10 minutes or so, but find that i stop running sooner and sooner each time i go out.

    Anyone else have this, or had this?
  2. yeah i realise that now!!!

    No history of back pain, and has only reallycome about over the past 2 weeks or so. I'm not unfit, nor am i overweight, so i can;t work out why it is.
  3. I'd recommend removing the strap-on before running. Or ask your lady to use some lube ;)
  4. Simple answer, stop running if it hurts. Do the same distance walking in the same clothing/shoes. Does your back still hurt? If no then your running style need sorting out, if yes go to a Dr and get the rabbit removed from your arsse, the buzzing noise should stop as well.......
  5. on closer inspection, i did find a 15" black rubber dildo in my rectum. after precision removing, i found that my back still hurts when running.
  6. had a massive poo and poke around with the mrs' toothbrush (switched on, of course) and found nothing.

    trip to med-centre me thinks.

    (added bonus- the M.O. here is gorgeous, so i might get a her finger up my bum :D)
  7. Internal bruising then - it will pass........
  8. And she will check the elasticity of your hole, decide it has been stretched, discover the tender area, conclude your a practicing homosexual and get you booted out :twisted:
  9. You wouldn't believe how often that happens to me. I looked a right tw@t on the walk to work yesterday.
  10. walking like bruce wayne?
  11. hahaha John Wayne! OOOOPS!!!! Although Batman does walk like a faggot......and look like one......
  12. What, Batman does not walk like a bundle of sticks :evil:
  13. Oh come on, how can you deny that Batman and Robin and something going on. Missions dressed in lycra, batcave?

  14. I have it on good authority that neither of them pushed back - they are in the clear. :D