Bottom feeders in the RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Man-test, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. Like it or not we have our fair share of wasters in the RLC (as do other arms and services). Quite frankly, I'm looking forward to prospect of getting rid of a few. The last 15 years of a retain at all cost attitude has developed some pond life creatures into real bottom feeders. Shake up the silt and help MCM Div get rid. Incidentally, any DE officer in the RLC can reach the rank of Major if they stay in long enough. I hope there is a few sweaty DE's looking for alternative work very soon. Rant over- I feel better now.
  2. It’s a very difficult one to quantify, but, if other members like me have seen a vast increase in RLC Soldiers & Officer suddenly medically upgraded overnight I think we understand the audience we are aiming at. I know of 6 (malingerers) people within one Sub Unit that have upgraded themselves because the spotlight is upon them.

    Make hay whilst the sun shines boys & girls.
  3. Name and shame…..COMSEC rules apply and I require anonymity. Unless you’re refereeing to informing the CoC? In which case I already have.
  4. RLC containing bottom feeders, no surprise there.

    Scaredy-cat O2 thiefs hiding behind their trade knowing they'll miraculously up-grade themselves should a LE commission, etc. suddenly become a reality.

    The eternal down-graded full-screw knacker storeman, the whiney & lazy WO Sup Con, the hurt-my-knee-on-a-det AT SNCO; used to be de rigueur in every unit I ever served in.

    Hasn't changed much in nearly 20 yrs mate, never will.
  5. I am a RLC soldier but have never been downgraded (fortunately). Lets not forget the men and women who are genuine and deserve every bit of support and sympathy, but equally we have seen a bow wave of lizards who have miraculously recovered overnight.
  6. Man-test. In many ways be prepared to be disappointed. There will be a share of wasters/bottom feeders/old knackers that go during the impending redundancy but not as many as you and I would like. The recent DRLC/APC roadshow confirmed that a 'slice' of the top/middle/bottom third within the Army (read Corps too) will be taken in the SDSR redundancy scheme.

    There will be quality blokes who volunteer and are accepted (and those that are not). There will be dross that apply but are rejected (and vice versa). Add to this the selected trades and years of service, coupled with the 2 report in rank and operational tour rule and the vast list of eligible personnel is soon a lot smaller than you and I would care to believe.

    The cynic in me thinks that if we deleted all those without 2 reports in rank and those on Ops then the original list would reduce by at least a 1/4! Outcome; those bottom feeders, hanging on by their gnawed fingernails may just, get a reprieve this time round!

    Oh, and send me a list of the goons to whom you refer and I'll see what my mate Mike H can do about booting them out.
  7. "Bottom Feeders?" is that like a hoop dhobi with suction?
  8. GeneralMalaise I concur, but it still remains a frustration. Tour dodging malingers that have graced the workplace and HQs across the RLC for many years are truly being seen for what they are. I also sympathise with the genuine sick & wounded. Notwithstanding, anyone else reading this and during the last few months-weeks are fully and miraculously recovered due to an act of god, I’ll level with you…….I’m a non believer. As far as I’m concerned you’re simply confirming what many people already knew. Tranche 1 has proved to be the most effective REHAB known to man.
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  9. SAme thing is happening over here (NZ) because of civilianisation.... It's like 'it's a miracle I can run again'
  10. I read something about the Order of St Lazarus the other day...I will suggest that each Regt puts forward a nominee following their UHC for the annual RLC Order of St Lazarus Award
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  11. I've worked with a few serving or ex Aussie and British Army loggies on humanitarian and disaster relief missions and have consistently found them to be very professional, hard working and good people.Thus RLC have a good rep' in the NGO community

    I have also come across an NGO which is manned by ex cav types who were the laughing stock not only of expat community but also the locals.They honestly ponced round a warzone wearing red trousers and tweed jackets and shouting at all and sundry like something from Gunga Din I kid you not!

    Don't be so hard on ya selves!
  12. Striving for improvement it's not a question of being hard oneself. Tranche 1 of rehab phenomenon continues.
  13. Man test. What's your beef?

    If the redundancy programme focusses a few minds then great. If it gets rid of a few losers/no hopers/dead wood/bottom feeders then great.

    I wonder what your continued issue is? Are you of average quality but think you should be thought of in a better light than you are? Do you think that you will be seen in a better light if those who you perceive as lesser quality than yourself are made redundant?

    Not a dig but I'm having trouble working out your issue. The country is broke. Civil servants (mil included in that broad brush) are now alive to the incoming redundancy round. Some folks will go, plenty will stay.....there will always be bottom feeders in any organisation. Don't worry too much about it.
  14. It is only going to focus their minds while the redundancy period lasts, then its back on the biff. You must have noticed an increase in junior ranks getting themselves upgraded to pass their promotion courses (weeks before they have their rank taken of them) only to tragically succumb to their old injury the minute they have the pass certificate in their hand.

    I was speaking to an RSM about the redundacy, one of the biggest problems is blokes that the army would like to keep but know they can make it on civvie street are volunteering while the big, fat, laminated biff chit carrying, lard arse are keeping very quiet.
  15. Being one of these so-called ' bottom-feeders' myself I thought it appropriate to comment.

    Firstly, in terms of professional ability, I rate myself bottom-third. I do, however, compensate for these deficiencies in other areas. For example, I have organised many a charity golf event, chaired umpteen diversity committees, provided clearance and funding for assorted BBQ and squadron smokers, and paid many visits to Corps ski and other AT events. Not glamorous work I admit, but somebody has to oil the wheels of the RLV logistic leviathan, and if I didn't do it then who would?

    Secondly, I address physical proficiency. For my first 3 years service I was up there with the best, regularly achieving times of 11 mins for the BFT, this being done (unlike the rather lower standards reqd today) in DMS. Unfortunately, my desire to succeed and excel, coupled with the poor design of the DMS, resulted in a severe ingrowing toe-nail problem that has never truly been resolved, and 30-odd years later I still suffer daily.

    This, naturally, has prevented me from carrying out the full range of physical tasks and activity, but in mitigation I have never missed an opportunity to cheer and encourage my comrades around the BFT/BFPA route, I have attended every PT parade and provided valuable input into the value of the training being delivered to my comrades, and have managed to deliver a minimum of 25 sit-ups and press-ups as part of the BFPA. In addition, as mentioned above, I have attended a plethora of ski and other events, often in strange overseas locations, and at great personal expense.

    I round off by saying that none of this has affected my operational effectiveness. Demanding tours within UNCIPYP, BATUS, BATSU and BATUK have all taken their toll on my health, as have my numerous detachments to COD Bicester and Donnington.

    By all means criticise, but at least take the trouble to understand the context within which us 'bottom-feeders' operate.

    Sua Tela Tonanti

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