Bottler Brown

I'm just a simple and rather thick old soldier. Thus recently some political events have left me somewhat bemused.

'Bottler' Brown, unelected by the enfranchised population as I recall, said, or uttered words to the effect:

". .I want to set out my vision for the future...".

He then said, and I heard these words:

"I am responsible for all that happens in Downing Street".

My confusion is that he effectively ran the United Kingdom for the ten years 'twixt May 1997 and June 2007, whilst the 'grinning spiv' pranced about the globe ignoring Britain and attempting to be a serious player on the world's stage. What is new about his vision now?

Further, his being responsible for all that happens in Downing Street surely makes 'Captain' Darling's appointment irrelevant and unnecessary.

Strikes me that the appalling and thieving 'clunking fist' is just a bag of the brown smelly stuff! What have we done to deserve two successive ego-freaks running our country?
The reason the Taliban havent assasinated Brown is simple. They know they'd be doing Britain a favour!
For two months Brown dropped heavy hints about an election and intentionally didn't quell the rumours with a single statement because he expected to see the tories make a hash of their conference.

Suddenly though, the underestimated Cameron pulled a rabbit out of a hat and put a cat among the labour pigeons (it's National Metaphor Day, don't you know). Brown had to have a reason other than 'I'm scared' so he gave us the bullsh1t about having a 'vision for a greater Britain'.

Which begs the question, where was this 'vision' during the period that he was hinting about the election?

The man really does think we are stupid.


War Hero
I've got a vision of a greater Britain and it doesn't involve that fat, theiving, one eyed, no mandate, wanka
With the aid of the press (who really should know better) he's got away for 3 months making out that he's the new kid on the block and hasn't had his grubby fingers on every labour policy for the last 15 years. Unfortunately, the truth will always out. As Prime Minister, he now has nowhere to hide and vanishing when things go wrong is no longer acceptable.
Someone asked him about choosing a different set of advisers, his response was 'they're not to blame' - 'responsibility is all mine'.

Lovely wordplay - other people can be blamed because they'd be wrong. He can't be wrong so he is 'responsible'. I can almost hear Homer Simpson putting that case.
Just a minute, the bloke is a politician so the enormous ego and the monumental self interest are to be expected, they're all like that.

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