Bottle of 22 Regt SAS Whiskey

10 quid


Kit Reviewer


Kit Reviewer
£80 :)
I'll swap it for my collection of Scat grot :)
Nice bottle perhaps but what is the whisky inside it (or is it whiskey as the title?)

Some nice tescos own brand or something made from a home made still out in the boathouse?
Sas 'Walt' Whiskey - or is that Malt ??

£125 smakerronies
Isn't it £35 a bottle from the Regtl PRI shop above the Pal-U-Drin club, seems a tad expensive when any Walter can buy one when they're on camp?
Not being a Walt and never had the freedom to wander around Bradbury lines [in my day] i am sure that whatever this item brings will spawn a thousand new Walt stories by whoever purchases it.

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