Botswana, eh?

I'm in my final year of my degree now, and next year i'll be looking for jobs. One I was looking at was being a safari guide in Botswana.

Having never been to Africa, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of the country, and any thoughts/insights into working there? What are the locals like etc...
Well if you've never been there, you're not going to make much of a guide are you? People will know too. Normally by the number of times you get lost and that every time someone asks a question you have to look up the answer in a book. :roll:
PP, As an occifer I'm well qualified at getting navigationally challenged :D

Thanks for the black stuff tip GR. What've they been naughty about on the human rights front?

By the way, if anyone's been watching BBC1, the area they were filming in is one of the areas the company works in (Okavango delta).
They've well and truly seen off the Bushmen, if you read around you'll see different sides to the story.

The country is one large desert with a swamp at the top (Okovango) and a big road running up one side to allow the passage of goods, people and the HIV virus from one part of Africa to the next.
Sounds great :)
What've they been naughty about on the human rights front?
Wing mounted 7.62 MGs on the BDF AN-2 Defenders? :oops: ,

Dont forget a visit to the "Barbed Wire Club" at Francistown, Cheeks on heat!
Maun, great bar and scoff by the airstrip. Of the African countries I've been in Bots wasn't the worst.
If you're a complete biff at the safari guide game (not suggesting that you are - your degree may well be in wildlife management/rifle shooting/driving open top land rovers while wearing nut crackingly short shorts and a silly hat for all all I know) then I can recommend a course of the sort run by Ecotraining I did this - four weeks of the above & very good value as its costed in South Afican Rands. Much of it is a busman's holiday for soldiers and you get to see some cracking game.

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