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I've just started training again to get back to full fittness, after been sick with a cold injury. been told i can get "iseued" lowa ccombats by the MO, just wondering if this is true. and if so how i go about getting them?
Still a chod then Winsley?
Frost nip is usually the result of poor personal admin. Let me guess, your feet got wet and you coudn't be ar$ed to change your socks for 72hrs. :roll:
Frost Nip?

Self inflicted surely, by poor admin, esp if it got so bad as you needed medical attention.

Never had it myself, despite a quick stint in Norway. Not to mention a tour down south and a bit of time in the Antarctic and just a few tours in the Balkans, Brrr Brass Monkeys.

But I digress.

Lowa bots (or boots) ARE available through the system. If you need them the Med Centre should be arranging them. If they aren't then I rather think you don't need them.

If the MO says you can get them, he should be directing you to someone who can sort it, or at the very least writing you a chitty of pity.

Ask him, or at a push the Medical Sgt (aka Practice Manager). Either should be able to help. Normally they are bought direct, rather than ordered through the system.

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