Both Bush and Blair get milling - the beginning of the end ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Nov 10, 2005.

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  1. Kind of reminds me of Star Wars; The Emperor (Bush) and his faithful lacky (Blair) wreak havock across the galaxy and eventually they are both detroyed and everything returns to normal, the only question is, will Blair repent i.e as Vader did? I'm not gonna hold me breath
  2. Naahhh. Vader could at least kick some ass when the mood took him. Bliar is definitely the bitch in the relationship.
  3. I don't know about Bush, but it's not uncommon for non-primary elections in the US to go against the incumbent federal government. It's a way if keeping them honest.

  4. This implies that the government are honest to begin with, and thus could not be applied to Bliar.
  5. What I find interesting is, in the US, MOST of the military back Bush. However, judging from what I see on this site, if its a sampling of the British Military, most of you do not back Blair or Bush. I find that quite interesting.
  6. In my experience members of the Armed Forces usually back Tory governments as they are generally more supporting of the Armed Forces.

    Maggie gave the Armed Forces their first sensible pay rise in over two decades when she came to power, as promised in her election manifesto. She then continued to give us a fairly decent pay rise every year (with a larger one every 10) which carried on through the 'grey man' years and the run-up to SDR and only ceased when Labour took charge. Then we started to get the farcical pay rise of '2% now, 2% later'.

    Obviously their were massive cut-backs after the fall of the Soviet Block which unfortunately couldn't be avoided and these are occasionally unfairly used as a retort to the fact that Tory governments have consistently throughout history given better support to us than Labour governments.
  7. Why do you find that interesting?

    The fact that most Brits refuse to be brainwashed into believing this was about WMD? Or the fact that both of them lied through their teeth to get this thing kicked off? Or the fact they both keep sending their countries young men and women to die for their lies?

    I could go on but you probably get the drift?....

    Oh, - and I'm not in the military any more either (still think their a pair of cnuts though :D )
  8. Phil one thing you must consider is that in UK The Soveriegn is Head of State and the forces swear their aligance to Her.
    PM's cum and go and Yes most Brit military would be happy to see Blair go.
    I know many US citizens and surprisingly most do not support Bush and privately will say very negative things about him.
    I know that for US citizens The President is normally a highly respected figure or was.
    Clinton dragged the Presidency down to a low level, a quite amusing level, but slowly US folks are starting to learn from the outside that George W is not the Honest War Leader they where lead to beleive he was.
    There has never been anything like 9/11 and Georgei Boy's Texas Gunslinger attitude was one that went down with most US citizens.
    The first cracks are appearing and as more comes out the fatel damage to the GOP will be done. George is gone in 26 (?) months weather they (GOP) will sacrifice him for the future good of the party we will have to wait and see.
    I will sugest that Old Labour hates Blur, only the newcommers New Arbiet, who have now got their snouts in the trough luv him but only for as long as he is the man.
  9. I cant stand Blair either but there is no way I would ever vote tory. I will be happy to see blair go and get replaced by Brown. Hopefully Brown would not suck up to Bush in the same poodle like manner.
    The British armed forces are not exclusivly right wing ! some of us lean decidedly towards the left. (but not many on arrse )

    ex Bootneck tree hugger.
  10. Quite right zemla, the problem with Blair is that you would have to be right of 'Herrenbloke' to support him.
    The way both Blair and Bush have forced their way has made a mockery of the democratic system they claim to be defending.
  11. In complete agreement matey. The only politician I ever really liked was Paddy Pantsdown.
  12. Zemla - well said - couldnt agree more - 7th dont hug trees - we try to avoid landing in them.