Botched drugs sting!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbs, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. In the mood for more good news, this was in yesterday's Sunday Times?

    RRF drugs sting

  2. It's not good is it.
  3. Think I will take that with a pinch of salt until we get some firm evidence, very easy for him to sit there whilst getting I/V by SIB singing his heart out about everything, could be to get them to take the heat off him!
  4. Exactly the point - he appears to got himself out of a hole by offering to give evidence and was offered 'witness protection', the whole thing went for a ball of chalk and the MoD were forced into paying him off - its hysterical!
  5. Awash with drugs? I had friends and colleagues in First and attached to them on T1 and they certainly haven't mentioned Drugs. How the hell are they going to get hold of Bolivian energy bars up the Blue?

    I believe I can safely say, knowing certain senior NCO's and their attitude to 'recreational smarties" , if they caught you with drugs when your mind should have been on fighting . you'd have been seriously done, and I mean Field Punishment.

    All these drugs stories suddenly breaking? I have been in the Army a dozen years, and I haven't even seen drug abuse in the TA , never mind Regulars.

    Plenty of Alcohol abuse though :)
  6. Thing is if he lied to SIB during the investigation regarding his own activities then all offers about witness protection / relocation are off.

    Personally I do not care what happens to this drug dealing low life.
  7. I know the cry "did things different in my day" is very hackneyed but the 'old' attitude was not to believe what you were told until independently proven - and not always then! Still, that sort of mindset makes one unpopular and in our pc world it is not forthcoming.