Boston Needed Lead Singer, Found One Online

Great story, tipped off from another site.

Guy 43 yo works in a home furnishings store, his daughter posts his singing Boston songs on MySpace which sounds exactly like the their deceased singer. The band hears it, auditions him and now he's lead singer.

Boston Needed Lead Singer, Found One Online

MySpace - Sounds very close to the former singer.

Tommy DeCarlo of Charlotte, N.C., dreamed of becoming a rock star, listening to his favorite band's albums and memorizing their songs.
Tommy DiCarlo is the new singer for his favorite band Boston.

"A Boston song would come on and I'd get fired up and I'd start singing it," said DeCarlo, 43, a father of two kids -- Talia, 19, and Tommy Jr., 17.

But dreams didn't pay the bills, so DeCarlo worked as a credit manager at a Home Depot store in Charlotte to support his.

Still, he never gave up singing along to his Boston CDs, and his daughter Talia took notice. She posted a MySpace page of DeCarlo singing karaoke to Boston songs after the band's lead singer, Brad Delp, committed suicide in March 2007. And, in an instant, DeCarlo's whole world turned upside down.

"I wanted to share [the karaoke] with ... other Boston fans," he said.

DeCarlo had to sing with the karaoke track because he had sold his keyboard in 2006, using the extra cash to buy Christmas presents for his children.

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