Boston Marathon memorial

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Civvy Scum, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. I ran the Boston marathon, I got beaten by 3 feet

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  2. Shite! Grief whores, people are getting killed in lots of imaginary ways by lunatics on a daily basis......there's no
  3. You've crossed the line with that one.
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  4. I'd be quite chuffed with myself, personally.
  5. He nearly won it by a nose.

    Sent from beyond the grave using the Force.
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  6. Winner had dandruff.......Head and Shoulders etc etc etc.......
  7. I ran it and came 3rd 7th & 10th.
  8. Not quite as tacky as our shrines. Needs a few dozen tea candles, some notes with the ubiquitous 'why?' etched thereon, a football strip or two,several dozen cheap teddies and a coven of trackie-wearing, scraped-hair, mascara-smeared, morbidly obese 14-40 year-old local brood stock to complete that authentic UK mong grief-fest look.
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  9. and they'll never walk again , they'll never walk again............To the tune of Ferry Cross the Mersey
  10. Agreed. There's not a single mention of the "little angle" that was killed.
  11. They've got the US equivalent of all that shite - loads of "Old Glories", as sold by YouEssAaa Flags R'Us. Not sure what the red and white thing sticking up behind the bint's head is either.

    All sorts of tacky shite on display here, including a gay panda:
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  12. My favourite news reader described the homeowner going out for a smoke and seeing blood on the side of his boat. Taking a small ladder, he climbed up, pulled the boat cover back and was face-to-face with the "suspect." She says, "I can hardly wait to see that scene in the movie." No shit!
  13. I blame the Jutes.
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