Boss spanks women for mistakes.


Women Allege Boss Spanked Them for Errors

Two Young Women Complain to Police That Their Employer Spanked Them for Mistakes on the Job

RED BANK, Tenn. Nov 10, 2004 — Two young women complained to police that they were spanked by their 57-year-old employer for mistakes on the job, and the boss now faces criminal charges.

One of the women told police that on her first day at the Tasty Flavors Sno Biz, before any spanking, owner Paul Eugene Levengood made her sign a statement that said: "I give Gene permission to bust my behind any way he sees fit."

The separate complaints prompted two sexual battery charges against Levengood of Cleveland, who was freed on a $2,000 bond pending a Nov. 16 court hearing.

Levengood could not be reached for comment Tuesday, and his Tasty Flavors Sno Biz shaved ice business in this Chattanooga suburb was closed.
:lol: :lol: :lol:
I'd like all the ladies of ARRSE to fill out "I give Corporal permission to bust my behind any way he sees fit" vouchers.

Just trying to picture what Mrs. Corporal would do if her boss tried this. :D
Scarlett said:
blessed baby cakes said:
Scarlett said:
Henry_Tombs said:
I have one wicked technique which drives men wild...
I don't know what it is but I'm reaching for the tissues in anticipation! :D
Would you like me to tell you Henry ???
I would, i'll take all the tips i can get........

Beebs :D
Hey Blessed not a problem ... I wil pm you the technique ...
another trick to add to the menu......
Beebs x

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