Boss of BP says we are f**ked oils on its way out.

old_bloke said:
Been saying this for ages but now even the boss of BP is talking about "finding new ways to provide fuel" and governments and companies (his I guess?) have to find a way ahead.

Why did his company or the Uk for that matter not follow the Norgies book and save and invest all that cash from oil on real things like in a bank or gold and not false hopes.
Well BP does happen to own the rights for most of the solar research technology in Europe.
Just deleted my initial reply after realising that it's a red herring.

The title of the article is "Oil demand from emerging nations makes up larger share for first time" - yet Tony Hayward, the chief executive of BP was quoting figures of oil-equivalent (not oil-derived) energy consumption.

So, until figures are quoted that exclude wind-turbines, coal, elephant dung, hydro-electricity, bio fuels etc, it's a bit of a non-story.
Neglecting for a moment the impending shortage of the black stuff, surely we in the West would do well to reduce our need as soon as possible. Our utter reliance upon oil is the chain that binds our international policy to the middle east and thus at least aids the antagonising of the muslim world... were it not for oil would we be so interested in events there? Would we be desperate for their sand? Would dear Osama have had the grounds to get a little peeved?

Wouldn't cure the Israeli problem but would surely help!
D'you realise reading it as, "Boss of BP says Saudi on its way out" brings a smile to my face? The sooner they realise exactly how important they really are - as opposed to the stuff they're floating on - the better.


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If BP were so keen on promoting alternative sources of energy, why have they allowed the (female) head of the Department looking at alternative energy sources to resign in order to spend more time with her children, and closed her department?
or, as people die off from the impending swine flu pandemic and eating too many kebabs, the survivors can just purloin diesel carsl eft at the side of the road, and ram raid fish and chip shops, and kebab shops, and use all the oil in there, and then ram raid gun shops and head for the hills, find hippy communes, kill them all, move into their tee pees and eat all their crops and live stock, turn on each other, kill each other and then the ants....who have been waiting, willl take over the Earth.


armageddon anyone?


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The format will make your eyes bleed, but this place is worth a visit to read a relatively objective review of our future energy options.

Sustainable Energy: without the hot air
David MacKay Professor of Natural Philosophy,
Department of Physics,University of Cambridge

If you have the bandwidth (and the time) the whole book can be downloaded here as a .pdf

This gets away from the 'orrid format.


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Oil man says oil running low - oil prices soar - shocker!

Oil man says war imminent, wmds or sumfink - oil prices soar - shocker!

Oil man says summer going to be unusually hot - oil prices soar - shocker!

Oil man says he left his briefcase at home this morning - oil prices . . . . . . . you get the idea.
Tony Hayward, the chief executive of BP, said the historic shift towards emerging nations "may prove a harbinger of some very painful times ahead for us all", unless investment in exploration and production is maintained.
And guess which company is currently performing a very clever and brutal cost cutting exercise by squeezing it's supply chain hard to cut, yes you guessed it, it's exploration and production costs. But I hear you say this is to allow more to be done at a more cost effective price? Nope - it's trimming as much off their supply chain to pay dividends whilst the barrel price was low.

Please note that only 30% of the World's known reserves are in private hands, that is, the BPs of the World. This year saw the multinationals flap, whilst National Oil Companies continue investment, planning and exploration drilling.
I hate the green movement because they're stupid. They don't comprehend that people get pi$$ed off at preachy, holier-than-thou beard tw@ts. Whereas a scientist telling me that I'll save a shedload of money... well now we're talking!
I thought it was now possible to run a car off water thanks to Hydrogen kits. Surely a bit of research into this may mean a short term revenue cut for the government on tax but a long term solution to the renewable energy source problem.

Oh right - That would require a government who thought about what was best for the country and not themselves or the party.
We are not running out of oil.
The imminent exhaustion of oil is one of the greatest myths we have and the main reason for it is green propaganda.
We have more known oil reserves now then we ever have had.
At current consumption reserves are estimated at 70 years, thats almost 3 time the reserves we know of 20 years ago. New reserves are being discovered all the time.

Yes it would be prudent (and cost effective) to be looking at more sustainable energy options but the lights will not be going out anytime soon because we have burnt all the oil.
Tony Hayward is saying that a careful eye needs to be kept on increasing consumption and the more needs to be invested in exploration. No big deal and no impending disaster.
Just because the green lunatics are desperate to be proved right about oil being the root of all evil doesn't mean we are all doomed


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When big corporations can invent a technology that has us sucking from the t!ts for ever more, then they'll develop and release it. They first have to make catalyst engineering and componentry really bl00dy complicated and hard to produce, THEN they'll roll it out.

If it's easy to do, and it's abundent, they aren't going to make any money now are they?!

Oops, forgot my tinfoil hat.

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