Bosnian Vampires

Looking for advice folks. I've been researching the roles of each specific 1 tonne Vampire and 1 tonne Intercept Complex trucks for the last few years.

I'm receiving conflicting information about Vampires in Bosnia. The majority tell me the 1 tonners didn't go, a minority say they did. Is anyone able to comment?

I would also appreciate your views on the following;

I've received information to say that Vampire 76FL49 was captured by the Bosnians, used by them! and painted in their cammo scheme. When it was recovered it was driven back to UK by a charity aid worker who then sold it on to a guy in Gloucestershire.

I suspect somebody, somewhere is having somebody on - but I'd like to be able offer some evidence to refute this tale.

Anybody want to comment? PM me if you like.

75FL93 V2

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