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  1. Is there still a Sapper element in Bosnia, or have they well and truly turned the last light out?
  2. Well, I know of someone who got the last medal for bosnia, earlier this year at the end of his tour. Not sure if he was replaced by any RE.
  3. thought it became "Op Oculus" & was balkan wide, withdraw was meant to be march 07 but do not know if it all went through.

    personally do not know of anyone still out there, all too busy in hotter climates at present.

  4. The deployment ended in March, according to the Beeb:
  5. The last to leave Bosnia (apart from the staff element in Sarajevo) did so in August, when BLMF closed for good.

    So to answer your question all the sappers have gone and for Knocker it changed to Op Althea when EUFOR took over.

    The only reason I know this is cause I has on the last tour also.
  6. No more dodgy CDs or Sleepinaditch special coffees. I had a good couple of tours with the Fat badges in Bosnia and what a cracking bar we had down in Split when I did 6 months with 15 Pk Sqn. I know it had changed to a joint Kosovo/Bosnia tour four years ago and was drawing down this year. So fair well Bosnia have got some good memories, mainly from the p*ss ups (didnt realise I could get that p*ssed up on a two can rule :wink: )
  7. :D :D :D :D
  8. remember the ISO that was painted with the beach and palm trees on it at the sunshine bar in split?

    It overtook me on the back of a truck recently, complete with RE stickers all over it...

    Fond memories of Boz, dragging chogies out of Kupres hill snow banks whilst on SNIC, in return for a some PEVO and slip in a ditch haha
  9. JBM, not your info, but I done the tour when NATO took over in Dec 95. :x
  10. Was there then as well in Vitez when it changed from IFOR to SFOR.

    I think it was Immobilisation Force then changed to Stabilisation Force if my memory goes that far back.
  11. It changed from UN to IFOR Dec 95.
  12. Could remember a few changes when I was there, thats right UN to IFOR Dec 95 then IFOR to SFOR when I was there in 97(was p*ssed off we did the majority of the tour just as LSSA came in :x , Im finding it hard to remember what I was doing last week.
  13. I think, I'm not sure could have been at a mess do last night :?

    That big bad bear was here, nicked all my money, shat in my mouth, wrecked the house aswell.

    Neighbours not happy with loud music/bad singing at 5 this morning :oops:

    Ah, **** em, they are only crabs :D
  14. sky sports bast*rd cancelled a Gers Vs Tims game when i was on lodestar 97 because of that slapper diana having had a bump in her motor.

    had to go & spend the afternoon in the turners bar instead, quality.
  15. I was on Op Loadstar 97-98 aswell knocker in Split with the fat badges, wore my dress with pride on XMAS day in the cookhouse as the RMP contingent were upset at the Squadrons love of singing Hey, hey were the Monkeys over and over again for well over half an hour. The RMP SSM was not impressed and complained about our dress regs but then himself and his lads had to escape after a Sapper had an ND with some sprouts followed by a full scale food fight attack by the fieldies. The badge backed his lads up afterwards though :D