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  1. Can anyone recommend any good books on the Bosnian war from the British Military point of view?

  2. There aren't that many but Winter Warriors - across Bosnia with the PBI is probably the best of the bunch - look it up on Amazon or Waterstones
  3. have to agree - Winter Warriors is the best Bosnia book written by a soldier and is one of the best squaddie books in recent years
  4. Milos Stankovic - "Trusted Mole"
  5. The War had practically finished at the time of the authors experience.

    There is a book by Maj Vaugh Kent-Payne, 1 PWO, who was one of the Coy OCs in Vitez on Grapple 2. I have read it and it is available in Bulford Library but I am buggered if I can remember its title. I will try to find out tomorrow, essentially it dealt with the most difficult Bosnia tour (in my experience and opinion), despite 'Bonking Bob's inference otherwise.

    It is a matter of note that Maj K-P's driver/BG was the first OR to win the MC for actions in 1993 when a Civvy UN convoy was ambushed on its way to Maglaj.

    I can state this with all the confidence in the world. :thumright:
  6. what about Michael Roses book

    and the subsequent one by his translator
  7. For comedy value "The Big Breach" by Richard Tomlinson is worth a read. He goes to the Balkans in that & would have single-handedly stopped the war had it not been for THE MAN etc ad nauseam...

    Walting cnut.
  8. Living on the Front Line - a good read.
  9. I think Bosnia Warriors: Living on the Front Line is out of print - I tried to get it but to no avail

    All Necessary Measures by Cameron Spence is a pretty good SAS book about a mission in Bosnia
  10. Letterwritingman - are you that driver? :joker:
  11. Have a look at 'Cleanse Their Souls - Peace-Keeping in Bosnia's Civil War 1992-1993' by Monty Woolley. He was a Recce Tp Commander in 9th/12th Lancers and was the first on the scene after the Ahmici Massacre. It's not in depth (it's from his point of view) but a good read.
  12. Nope Mate, just on that particular tour.

    The guy was a man mountain who always wore NI Gloves. He manages to get into a disproportionate number of shots in the BBC video that they were kind enough to make up for us. :biggrin:
  13. "My War Gone By, I Miss It So" by Antony Loyd is a good one. From a junkie journalists perspective but the author was also a former officer.

    I agree that Vaughan K-Ps book is good but its a bit too "That's enough about me, let's talk about you. What do you think about me?".

    The Milos Stankovic book is also highly recommended.
  14. Are there any books on 1 RRW in Gorazde??