Bosnia Unfinished Business

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by Splinter68, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. Just finished watching this was interesting to say the least see the blurb below

    "Bosnia - Unfinished Business: Tonight
    Nearly two decades on from the war in Bosnia, ITN correspondent Penny Marshall returns to find out what became of the terrified and starving prisoners she discovered in detention camps there and what happened to their guards. The programme traces the journey of a young prisoner named Fikret whose image shocked the world. It also asks whether, as the last war criminals are brought to trial, peace has finally come to a place where neighbour once turned on neighbour."

    Will be repeat another three times according to ITV website

    Didin't realise I was that facking old till I watched this and realised I spent half my life there in the nineties ......
  2. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    And, sadly, every chance of kicking off again some time soon. Though, a good outcome to the Arab Spring could put a dampener on things (just to hedge my bets).
  3. Bosnia's the brothel of Europe. There's never peace in former Yugoslavia. Blast the shit out of the Serbs and there might be peace ? After all, it was a Serb who started WW1 by killing the then Duke of Austria.
  4. Seriously?

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  5. yep. be a mighty good day when all serbs are culled. starting with the c**ts who killed half of my family post 1991 and my two male farmer ancestors minding their own business, who were killed in supposed civil times. no correction, BASHED TO DEATH for the fun of it. walk in my shoes for a lifetime and you'll understand. then meet the serbs outside of the Balkan region, they're the worst, all misguided and wantingly ignorant of historical fact. some even say that the Bosnians deserved to be raped. Wanna try and ask me again now ?
    For what it's worth, my uncle was a diplomat and spent time in jail earlier in life as a political prisoner, so take that to the bank sunshine.
  6. So are you telling us that Serbs were the only war criminals in Bosnia? You were all as bad as each other, bunch of mindless killers. I have spent a lot of time with each entitys people and out of Bosnian Muslims, Bosnian Serbs, and Bosnian Croats, I would trust the Bosnian Serbs the most.
  7. And so it goes on. Well done.
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  8. One of my mates who I've known and was best friends since I was 3 years old, turned around to me six months ago and said the Balkan war (1991+) was a fair n square war. I turned stone cold and turned around and told her, you don't see the fucken Bosnians in the fucken Hauge for heinous war crimes, rape and genocide included, now do you ????
    I then and there told her if Australia was to go to war tomorrow, that she ought to watch her back.
    No amount of education can be spent on someone who refuses to acknowledge the truth. Bet it would be different if she got raped by the Australian Bosnians, she might adopt a more balanced response.
  9. What do you mean you don't see Bosnians in the Hague? If you are so interested in it all, why don't you keep up with what is going on? I suggest that you go away and do a bit of research and then come back here instead of gobbing off about stuff you have no idea about.

    People like you are the reason that there will always be problems in Bosnia.
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  10. Sorry for your loss Sasha.

    If you feel the need to discuss those events, PM TAFKAB (aka Bugsy), his family were murdered by British soldiers in Northern Ireland.
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  11. That's like saying Osama bin Laden is a fucken muslim. Typical whitey full of shit know it all dumb arse follow orders attitude crap.
    Just sayin...
  12. Have you actually ever been to Bosnia? (I don't mean as a baby)
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  13. A LOT of the military members of this site have invested a LOT of time in Bos and know that the complexity of the situation often defied belief. Don't think that abuse and bluster will work here - debate properly or find another site that won't challenge you when you are downright wrong?
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  14. Seconded.
    As we speak there are war criminals from all sides serving time for what they did. All ethnic groups are represented Serb, Croat and Bosniak and I have heard they all get on famously during association - somehow that seems to compound their crimes even more.
  15. Thank you Badger, appreciate your concern. Yes my loss has been great and continues to be greater. It's the one's who survived that eat me alive each day, knowing there's nothing I can do to ease their lifelong pain, post war. Each day, I wait for some horrific ending to their lives, due to the immense pain they daily endure. I certainly don't have patience for Nuffy's who dare say the Serbs are no better than the Bosnians. Idiots like that are blow ins and shit kickers who don't know much about the landscape of central Europe let alone the history going back 800 years + of that particular region, as intimately as I have running through my veins.

    So sorry if I'm a tad twitchy to some prior opinions.