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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tiger1, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. Slightly nervously, we're putting up this request - but we did ask for permission from the ARRSE webmasters first...

    We're a TV production company called Tiger Aspect. We're making a documentary about the British Army's achievements in Bosnia 1992-1995 and we would love to hear from anyone who served there at that time in any capacity.

    We will be looking at what made the British Army the most successful in this theatre – especially looking at its ability to provide logistics and ‘framework nation’; the British Army’s regimental system and traditions; its ability to train and fight; and its can-do attitude in working with the local population.

    We'll be filming this November so we would like to hear from you as soon as possible.

    If you're interested, please let us know via this post or email us at
  2. What is your track record? What other documentaries have you made? Needless to say if you are after a "Dispatches" style documentary with scant regard for the truth then you can take a hike. If you are serious and responsible then you will get help.

    Hope you have seen "Warriors" - a rather good docu drama of the time. And those of us who are serving don't hand out such compliments often.
  3. Well said that man!

    And while you are there, have a look at the British Band of Brothers Thread within the ARRSE Forums and see what you think (maybe you can persuade some of your friends in the TV/Film scene to do something?!)...
  4. Are you looking for serving personnel? Or serving and ex?

    You may wish to make contact with the IDTA people at Upavon - Mrs M has IDTA in her email address strangely enough.

    edited to add: and I've sent her a link to this post
  5. Is there a reason for this nervousness?

    Oh, that's right your the production company responsible for 'Baillifs' a depressing look into the life of poor people getting bullied into paying bills and 'A-Z of Bad Boys' a programme that suggests a middle of the road examination of thugs without conclusion, why bother to make the programe?

    You've decided to start filming in November and you're only now asking for advice. Can't wait to watch this informative and detailed explanation of OUR achievements......HONEST..
  6. We do a huge range of programmes, covering drama, entertainment, factual, films, etc. Do have a look at our website - - but the most relevant programmes that you might have seen are Omagh (BAFTA winner last year), Forgotten Heroes-Korea Remembered, Crucified Soldier, Fooling Hitler, Virtual History-The Secret Plot to Kill Hitler, etc

    The director of this programme also made The Queen's Cavalry, currently showing on BBC1 (on tonight, Thursday 13th). The tone of this prog. will be less light-hearted but the intention to show the Army in a positive light is still very much there.

    We are aware of the Warriors programme but I will look at the Band of Brothers thread...

    Hope this helps.
  7. Tiger1 - have you approached the MOD for help officially yet?
  8. Yes we have approached MOD. We're waiting for the final go-ahead but it's looking promising.

    We're hoping to speak to both serving and ex personnel and we know that many people will want that official sanction first. At this point, we're just trying to make contact with potential contributors - no-one is committed to being filmed.

    Re: Bravo 2 Nothing, I said 'nervously' because we know what many of you think of the media! The programme has been in research for some time now, with contributions already from various soldiers who fought in Bosnia and, we trust, will be extremely informative. It's not a last-minute dash!
  9. Tiger 1 - PM me with your email address.
  10. I have alerted the media bods on the 1st Floor to this thread. Hopefully they will be able to confirm that it is a bona fide project with MOD backing.

  11. been done already, "peace keepers" shown on sky a couple of years ago, featured the LD (bosnia vets) and the Royal scots. any way any programm u make squaddies will rip it apart any way. never get it right and always ask the wrong people, ie COs and the like who tow the party line.
  12. In that case they have come to the right place where they will be able to talk directly to those on the ground and where better than ARRSE to do so, a nice by-passing of all the PONTIs and REMFs and maybe just for once a Programme will get it as it is from those at the %^&**y end of the stick...Nice One. :lol:
  13. but as we all now, when the lads are allowed to speak freely ther is some dick RSM or CO who rips in to them when the cameras are off, or marks it down on reports.
  14. I had a PM from the firm stating that they had made their approach to the Land Warfare Centre. This is confirmed by the MOD media people but as yet there doesn't seem to be any official endorsement. However, my contact is now out of the office until Monday I should have a proper answer by then.

    NB. It seems that the programme will be fronted up by Tim Collins.