Bosnia The End?

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by mandownmat, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. As a serving RLC Soldier, I was suprised to here that British deployments to Bosnia have come to an end. Having spent 12 months of my life in Bosnia, on 2 seperate tours. I was suprised that there has been no formal ceremoney/celebration to mark this by the Corp. Lets remeber that we have lost over 50 soldiers there in the past 15 years, (many of these being RLC soldiers). I know that times have changed and we are heavily involved in other operations, but alot of people have served in Bosnia and will remember alot of good and bad times.
  2. Dont be surprised RLC Ltd is far too busy to dwell on the past.
    Its one of the faults we have, that doesnt help Corps pride and cohesion.
  3. I agree, as a Corps we lost a lot of good soldiers in Bosnia. I completed 3 tours there and as a Driver I would say it is alot more challenging than Iraq/Afghan. (In driving terms, not threat!) We should all encourage our Padres to include the drawdown of Bosnia during this years Remembrance services.
    Good post.
  4. I obviously need to see a Doctor quickly as I find myself agreeing with a Trog!! very good post
  5. What I would give to swap a tour of Iraq for a tour of Bosnia. Snipers/IEDs or Snow and Ice?
  6. Yeah and I'm a Stacker
  7. Can't believe i was never pinged for a tour there, can't be too many RLC who could say the same.
  8. Lets not forget the local ladies accepting the advances of foriegn passport holders, certainly in the early years, though I expect that all of the export quality ones have now gone.

    My they were lovely.
  9. Local ladies fine till there 30th birthday then tache/ black headscarf and 200lbs
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  10. Is my mind playing tricks on me or was that bloke who ran the little shop in Vitez School (Early 90's) called "Mr Chips"?

    My Opo told me he rented hid daughters out by the hour... Yes I asked if I could rent one....I was young, naive and slightly gimpish!!

  11. Unlike now Marky, now your Old,Gobby and full blown gimpish!
  12. My retort will not back up your claims......
    1) I use Oil of Olay...
    2) I'm a quiet fellow..
    3) If I could get this Fcukin Pool ball strap thing undone I would phone and call you and tw@t....

    I bet you asked "Chips" if you could rent his daughters too!!

  13. In Sarajevo at the moment and believe me the tache quote doesn't relate to the girls in the Cities etc. remember your entire experience will have been in Central Boz, full of villages and small towns! you just have to sit downtown Sarajevo in the middle of the Summer to understand (the fashion last year was for the girls to wear mini skirts with panties showing :D ), its about time EUFOR fecked off from here as its just a joke of a tour for anyone nowadays with zero threat etc., you might as well be on tour in Central London!!!
  14. or Cyprus!