Bosnia Medals

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Bison, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. A couple of years ago I deployed to the Balkans (yet again). We were told that we would be issued with the Nato non-article 5 medal, but couldn't wear it as we already had both the Kosovo and Former Yugoslavia Nato medals. The other day I saw a chap sporting all three. Does anyone have up to date information on what is permissible?
  2. you still cant wear it.
  3. Seen a naughty guy at the tailors who should know better mounting them the other day too.
    He is just after the dosh i guess.
    Yes it sucks if you only have a few danglers but the law is the law (mine is in my computer desk drawer!)
    I know a guy who will be wearing minis this weekend like it too, its up to him if he gets caught i have told him.
    He did serve there so no Walting and he did pay for minitures and got issued with the biggy which is also on his Pampas. (He also done Kosovo this time and Bos before like meself so thats his arguement, he wouldnt wear it if he'd been the same place twice said he.)
    Fair one just cant afford the mounting and shame if caught plus the port fine!
  4. What is this non article 5 about anyway :?: :? One of my crowd wears it but he aint got Bos or Kos :?:
  5. If this aint a wahhhh i'll tell ya ha ha
    Its the new Pan Balkans medal basically if you go there now be it Kos or Bos you get this bad boy (same old crappy medal tho) different ribbon. Rules go along the lines of if you go anywhere in the Balkans now you get the Non Article 5 one issued if have either Bos/Kos/Macedonia before you get the Non Article 5 but cant wear it.
    Be good if the rule was if you did Bos but went Kosovo this time get it on old boy and vice versa but cant see that eh!
    Hope this helps
  6. What can i say :?: I am not a gong spotter and have avoided Tour de Balkans for 5 years now!! No wahs here!!! 8O
  7. Just had a look at that link :!: 30 days to qualify :?: :?: I had to do a hell of a lot longer for the Bosnia medal :!:
  8. only if you were in Croatia, in which case it was 90 days for you slipper city boys!!
    Both UN and NATO qualifying periods for personnel serving in Bosnia was 30 days.
  9. OK can I just clear up something

    I have the Bos IFOR jobby, if I ended up over there again (not that I ever would) I would be issued the Non Article 5 thing but NOT be able to wear it, is that right ?
  10. The bleddy thing was originally issued for both UNCRO and (later) UNPROFOR.......with death-defying UN wussiness, the terms were 90 x days continuous or 60 x days if you were short-toured.
  11. Got it in one Wellyhead.
    Pants eh
    (if you get the choice got to Kosovo tho' less head shed around and more relaxed than BLMF)